BIG MAMA Hotels customer story

BIG MAMA Hotels makes big improvements through Mews

The German hotel group saved huge amounts of time, boosted revenue, and improved the guest journey 


per week

20+ hours

saved through automation

increase in direct bookings


RevPAR increase


through Marketplace app

“What really surprised me was that everything your sales team told me was true. Maybe it sounds stupid because it's so simple, but this is the most important thing for me. If I buy something, I want to get what I'm buying, and not what somebody promised me.”

Reservation automation saved over 20 hours per week



Prior to Mews, performing manual tasks for reservation modifications was the biggest time drain for staff. Every booking had to be modified, adding city tax, notes, and other changes directly into the system, which would take four or five hours out of an eight-hour shift.



Thanks to automation, this wasted time has been cut dramatically: during a typical shift, time checking and amending reservations now cumulatively takes between 30–60 minutes – something that used to take hours. Because of this, staff are less stressed, have more time to engage with guests, and can focus on bringing in more reservations.



• Saved 20 hours per week, per reservations team member
• Took more telephone and group bookings due to better staff availability
• Saved money by transferring team member to bar staff

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“During the demo I said I can’t believe it! This will be huge because my staff would have four hours every day to do other things.”

Speedier check-ins and better guest messaging



Previously, slow software and manual data gathering meant that check-in times would take between 5–10 minutes.



With Mews’ online check-in, all the front desk staff need to do is sign in the guest when the arrive, as this is a legal requirement in Germany. It takes as little as 10 seconds using an iPad, which staff also use to instantly scan passports if the guest hasn’t checked in online. Prior to arrival, guests receive a link in their booking confirmation from which they can directly message the hotel. Messages can be answered easily from within Mews, allowing BIG MAMA to promptly respond to any requests and build a positive relationship at a much earlier stage.



• Cut check-in time by 97% through online check-ins
• 30% of guests use online check-in

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“Because Mews is cloud based, you can work whenever from anywhere you want you. Sometimes I see the receptionists just sitting down with the iPad, having a little chat with the guest – it’s more natural.”

A new booking engine boosted direct bookings



Before Mews, all direct bookings in Berlin were done though email and phone, whereas in Leipzig there was an existing booking system.



BIG MAMA Hotels experienced a huge increase in direct bookings with Mews Booking Engine, which is simple, intuitive and designed to maximize conversion. It sits within the website itself so there is no need to be redirected to another page.



• 40% increase in direct bookings in Berlin
• 20% increase in direct bookings in Leipzig

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“I always compare Mews to Facebook or something like that: it looks really new and cool, and people get the whole process very fast.”

Integration spotlight

Pace Revenue

Pace is an industry-leading revenue management tool that automatically updates rates within Mews. This helped to increase RevPAR by 10% in the first year of use and was particularly useful because BIG MAMA doesn’t have a dedicated revenue manager.

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