Cresta Palace customer story

Cresta Palace embraces connectivity for full-service stays

The Swiss boutique hotel uses Mews to connect a variety of services and experiences.

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34% increase in RevPar

from January 2021 to January 2022


One chargeback in 18 months


99.9% automated card payments

through Mews Payments

About Cresta Palace

Nestled in the Engadin mountain paradise, Cresta Palace provides luxury accommodation in the eastern Swiss Alps. As well as around 100 rooms for guests to rest in between skiing or mountain walks, they offer a wealth of resort services and experiences, from spa facilities to sun terraces, restaurants to sports packages. The perfect combination of excitement and restoration.

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“The most important thing for us is to create an unbeatable guest stay, and Mews has become a vital part of that. Our team find it so easy to use.”

Nathalie Hanslin
E-Commerce & Revenue Manager, Cresta Palace

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A fully connected payments ecosystem


With a number of services on offer for guests, Cresta Palace needed an integrated payments solution that’s fast and flexible.


Mews Payments is a fully connected payments solution that allows staff to process payments quickly while also providing maximum convenience for guests. Once payment details have been taken, further transactions can be actioned without the guest having to present their card. Cresta Palace also use Mews Terminals for an integrated payments journey at every step.


• One chargeback in 18 months
• 99.9% automated card payments through Mews Payments

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A one-stop integration app store


Cresta Palace is a full-service property with a variety of offerings for guests, and managing the various tools and software can be time-consuming.


Mews Marketplace is the hospitality’s biggest app store, with over 600 integrations for properties to connect with. Many providers are plug-and-play, meaning the Cresta Palace team can start using new integrations immediately, and billing is simple because all fees are rolled into a single payment.


• 17 connected integrations
• Zero connection fees

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“Mews is best in class when it comes to connectivity. They have a huge selection of hotel tech on their Marketplace, all of which is really easy to connect to.”

Nathalie Hanslin
E-Commerce & Revenue Manager, Cresta Palace

Integration spotlight

Cresta Palace currently use 17 integrations through Mews Marketplace.


UpsellGuru is an upselling system that allows Cresta Palace to upsell room upgrades before guests arrive. It works by allowing guests to bid on upgrades, minimizing the number of free upgrades you give out and taking the pressure off your front desk staff to upsell. Hotels can see as much as a 15% uptick in revenues.

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Fairmas specializes in financial planning and controlling, revenue monitoring, and management reporting for hotels. They focus on optimizing processes to maximize financial performance, and the direct connection with Mews allows the solution to automatically retrieve the relevant information from Mews.

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Looking ahead

The Cresta Palace team will continue to build on their successes with Mews. In particular, they will test ways to increase occupancy and revenues through integrations available on Mews Marketplace while ensuring the guest experience becomes even more connected.

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