The Dylan Amsterdam customer story

How Mews transformed The Dylan

The Dutch boutique hotel saves huge amounts of time every week, went paperless, and changed their whole check-in process.

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New reports created in just

5 minutes

compared to 2–3 weeks previously

automated payments


Newsletters created in just

1 hour

compared to 3 days previously

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Easy reports and emails save hours every day



Prior to Mews, it took a huge amount of time to create new customized reports and personalized guest emails.



An intuitive interface and a smart, powerful technology have transformed these processes to save time and improve functionality. Mews Operations has a number of practical reports and Mews BI provides further data insights. Also, the guest database can be easily segmented so that vouchers and special offers can easily be added to customer emails.



• Creating a new report used to take 2–3 weeks, now it takes five minutes
• Creating a new email used to take 2–3 days, now it takes one hour

24/7 access from any device



On-premises solutions require staff to be onsite to access the system, meaning very little flexibility for running operations.



With Mews’ cloud-based hospitality system, staff can log in from their phone and work remotely, wherever they are. This is true for back-office staff as well as the front-office team, who can be more agile when welcoming guests.



• The Dylan changed their front desk and check-in concept to focus on guest comfort – now, staff use tablets and phones and sit down with guests and offer them a drink for a memorable check-in
• The team has much more flexibility with home working

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“Our new staff are like: wow, this works wonderfully! Everybody's really happy, because it gives them a little more confidence to do their work.”
The Dylan – EN
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“Being green is something that I know Mews stands for, and we’re a Green Globe hotel so that works perfectly. You don't have to print out anything anymore for payments, for reservations... everything is in the cloud.”
The Dylan – EN

Integration spotlight

The Dylan Amsterdam uses five integrations, including POS (point of sale) and Global Distribution System.


RevControl is a revenue management tool that helps control daily hotel operations. This provides accurate revenue data and allows the Revenue Manager to easily compare current results to past performance, and perform effective forecasting.

Looking ahead

The Dylan plan to expand their brand awareness, with the aim of becoming a household name in Amsterdam. They'll also continue to embrace the benefits that Mews Hospitality Cloud brings them. As Carol says, “It's really important to change the mindset, to let the old systems go, because in the long run you will gain more than you will lose." 

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Make it remarkable.

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