Hotel Myrtilles customer story

Hotel Myrtilles enjoys a smooth transition to Mews

The independent Belgian hotel migrated to Mews after Mews' Planet Winner acquisition.



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About Hotel Myrtilles

Hotel Myrtilles is a family-run hotel in the picturesque Belgian countryside of Ardennes. Their 19 rooms welcome over 5,000 guests each year, many of them attracted by nearby skiing and cycling opportunities, as well as the Formula 1 Spa racecourse.

For many years the hotel had been using the Planet Winner PMS, which was acquired by Mews in December 2019. In deciding to migrate to Mews, the most important factors for Hotel Myrtilles were that they would continue to receive an excellent level of support, and that the solution would be practical and easy to use.

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A stress-free onboarding at their own pace


Implementing a new property management system is often costly and time-consuming. In addition, Hotel Myrtilles were migrating to Mews in the summer of 2020, when the pandemic made everything more difficult.


Mews and Hotel Myrtilles worked together to create a clear implementation timeline that suited the hotel. The onboarding was performed entirely online, meaning there were no disruptions because of travel restrictions or distancing rules, and no additional costs or delays.


• The property’s demo database was ready to test after only two days
• The go-live data that Hotel Myrtilles chose was comfortably met

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Outstanding support – before, during and after


Hotel Myrtilles were used to an excellent level of support from Planet Winner. Moving to a new hospitality cloud, particularly during a pandemic, required equally high standards.


Prior to and during implementation, the Mews Implementation team are dedicated to ensuring the onboarding goes smoothly. Once the property is live, the Mews Customer Support team are always available to help with any questions or problems, and can be contacted via email, live chat and phone, depending on your support package.


• Any queries are promptly responded to, with all emails answered within 24 hours
• 24/7 phone support available for any business-critical issues
• Comprehensive self-help tools including Mews University and help center

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“As well as the product itself, the people are the most important thing for me – and I fully trust everyone at Mews.”

Michel Van der Veken
General Manager, Hotel Myrtilles

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Streamlining with Mews Operations


Before guests arrive to check in, preparing the relevant reservation details was a manual task that could be time-consuming for staff.


Mews Operations gives properties the power to set up their own assignment strategies, so that all rooms can be assigned automatically depending on particular preferences.


• All bookings are now automatically assigned, saving staff time and increasing allocation efficiency
• The hotel now offers seven room types (up from three) in order to maximize revenue and give guests more options when booking

Integration spotlight

Hotel Myrtilles use 8 integrations, including accounting and POS (point of sale).

Bob Accounting Integration

The Bob Accounting Integration is a bespoke program that extracts customer information, invoices and payments from Mews via the Mews Connector API and converts it into a format that the accounting software can interpret, meaning the hotel can run its accounting smoothly with reliable data that’s gathered automatically.

Looking ahead

The team at Hotel Myrtilles will continue to proactively test Mews features to learn about more ways the platform can help automate and improve operations. Michel, the General Manager, actively uses the demo environment to try new ways of working, and that open-mindedness will serve the property well in the future.

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