Retreats Group customer story

Retreats Group combines historic luxury with modern tech

The UK luxury hotel group boost RevPAR and guest engagement by moving to Mews. 

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online check-in rate


at Roch Castle

increase in RevPAR


over first three months with Mews

higher RevPAR


for direct bookings compared to OTAs

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“Mews provides a much better online booking experience for our guests and a more intuitive rate set up system, giving us increased ability to compete with online OTAs.”

More revenue with Mews Booking Engine



Although channel managers are important for reaching a wide audience, Retreats Group wanted to better compete with OTAs and drive more profitable direct bookings.



Mews Booking Engine is available as standard for every Mews property. Its intuitive, sleek design makes it easy for guests to book, reducing the amount lost through OTA commission. Setting up different room rates and bookable extras is fast and simple for the Retreats Group team, allowing guests to choose between packages such as wellness experiences and exclusive use of the castle. And of course, all inventory is updated immediately.



• 133% higher RevPAR for guests who booked through Mews Booking Engine compared to OTAs
• Multiple rates and extras for each property and room type
• 3.7% booking engine conversion rate (industry average is 3.3%)

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Intuitive, time-saving dashboards



Legacy hospitality systems can be complicated to use, with important information housed in different areas of the platform.



There are a number of modern, easy-to-use dashboards in Mews, the most important of which is the dashboard that serves as the hub for daily operations. From this single screen, the team can immediately see the live status of daily tasks, reservations, and housekeeping, making it easy to plan and manage workload. There are also quick links to reports and guest profiles, and this quick navigation is a big time saver for staff.



• One to two hours save everyday through automation and more streamlined processes
• A fast, cloud-native solution means no waiting or long load times when accessing data or checking guests in

“Mews has made day-to-day life in reception much easier. It’s really helpful that it’s a cloud-native system as our team can access it from anywhere.”

Integration spotlight

Retreats Group properties are connected to seven integrations on average, all through Mews Marketplace.


Xero is accounting software tailored to small businesses. Its features include invoicing, pay runs, reporting and more, and the connection with Mews allows for the real-time daily transfer of revenue and payment data between the two solutions.


Mailchimp is a global email and marketing solution that allows the Retreats Group team to easily manage their guest communications. They’re able to design, save and send templates for emails, while the direct integration with Mews allows them to automatically add contacts to their mailing lists without any manual copying and pasting between solutions.

Looking ahead

Retreats Group has only been with Mews for a few months, so they’re looking forwarding to discovering more about their new solution and how it can help to maximize revenue, particularly when it comes to making the most of the summer season.

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