Char PMSLink - HMobile Connect

Char pmslink / HMobile Connect is a middleware that makes possible the integration of Mews Hospitality Cloud with typical hotel equipment and systems such as PBX (private branch exchange phone services), TV, internet, domotics (home/room automation), guest apps, hotspot, multimedia and more.

See the Char pmslink website for a full list of integrated solutions.


  • Synchronize rooms to assign the addresses of different devices to the configured rooms
  • Perform different types of charges across integrated systems (pbx, minibar, tv, internet, etc)
  • Send cleanup states generated by dialing in pbx and / or housekeeping systems
  • Receive events to communicate to the integrated systems' occupancy status (check-in, update, move, checkout), room status, and guest data

Mews package

Can only be purchased by users on the Professional plan or the Enterprise plan.

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