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4SUITES - Unlocking the Future of Hotel Access.


4SUITES offers a comprehensive cloud-based solution for hotels, enhancing the guest experience with IoT-enabled locks and mobile access. This innovative system eliminates the need for app downloads.

Their fully cloud-connected hotel door locks, mobile keys, and real-time access management platform are equipped with IoT-enabled sensors, enabling keyless entry. Guests can conveniently use their smartphones or internet-connected devices to remotely access their rooms. Android users can also add their digital keys to Google Wallet for a seamless experience.

4SUITES leverages a web app, outperforming traditional Bluetooth technology and sparing guests the hassle of app installations. This approach ensures a faster and more efficient way to open doors.

• Syncs with Mews for automatic updates

• Compatible with most existing locks using BLE

• Connected to a local hub (Gateway) for real-time updates

Supported Features:

• Seamless data transfer from Mews API to 4SUITES platform

• Instant updates for access rights and guest mobile keys

• App-free access through the 4SUITES web app

• Automated email or SMS notifications with accessible door links

• Forward emails to grant access to friends or family

• Cloud-based key cards (no data on card) for added security

• Real-time access management and insights

• Custom lock integration and OTA updates

• Multi-access technology including NFC, MIFARE®️ DESFire®️ EV2, and web app

• Integration with Google Wallet for added convenience


Countries Partner operates in:


• Europe

• North America


• Consultation available for markets outside the target area