The Nordic Hotel Playbook

Hospitality is evolving. Guests expect seamless stays with a focus on experience, and only smart technology can empower hoteliers with the necessary tools.

The Nordic Hotel Playbook
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How to transform hotel operations and elevate performance

Mews gives you the power to create remarkable full-service and luxury experiences. Tailor your own tech ecosystem, maximize profit and easily manage multiple services, all within a user-friendly, award-winning platform.

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PMS essentials

The right technology empowers your teams to provide a remarkable experience for your guests, streamline operations and build a more profitable business.


  1. Cloud native: Work faster, more efficiently, and more securely.
    And access everything, anytime, anywhere.
  2. Guest-centric: Less screen time, more guest time.
    Empower your staff to give guests a more personalized stay
  3. Easy to learn: An intuitive interface and comprehensive
    training that makes onboarding seasonal staff simple.
  4. Space monetizing: Boost and diversify revenue by selling
    and managing multiple space types and time units.
  5. Well connected: Unify a complex service offering (restaurants,
    spas, events, parking) in a single platform.
  6. Sustainable: Meet the needs of eco-conscious Nordic travelers
    with waste-cutting tech and sustainability integrations.

Meet the needs of eco-conscious Nordic travelers with waste-cutting tech and sustainability integrations.

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Nordic success stories


Strawberry hero image
Customer story
Strawberry transforms its operations with Mews

The largest hotel group in the Nordic region partners with Mews to streamline and centalize operations, optimize revenue and drive their vision of remarkable guest experiences.

Hero - 1245x1014-50-Jul-01-2022-12-30-16-44-PM
Customer story
Northern Lights Village sees huge time savings for staff and guests

The unique Finnish accommodation and activity brand combines modern hotel tech with timeless nature to create remarkable guest experiences.

From seamless guest journey to scalable tech stack, Grend finds a perfect partner in Mews Hero - 1245x1014-50
Customer story
Grend finds a perfect partner in Mews

With smart use of innovative tech, the Grend team helps guests truly unwind at their prize-winning cabins and enjoy the beautiful Norwegian nature.

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