Even in the darkest moments of last year, when the majority of hotels were shut and there was so much uncertainty amidst an unprecedented pandemic, we never doubted that hospitality would return. As humans, our insatiable urge to travel, to experience, is such that it is destined to return and for our industry to remain strong. Despite our own difficulties coping with the changing circumstances that this pandemic wrought, we also knew that Mews would come out of this stronger.

Our exciting new partnership with Accor is the perfect symbol of not only our resilience, but of how our industry is now building for the future, decoupling itself from old mentalities and processes. The pandemic has reminded us of what hospitality is, and that although business models and the metrics we track may change, people still want to meet people and see new worlds through their own eyes and senses. This experience of ‘realness’ is only going to accelerate if brands embrace technology to create even more personalization and untether themselves from their desks. By choosing Mews as part of their digitalization program, Accor will get closer to their customers than ever before. 

For many people, embracing technology to improve the art of hospitality may seem counterintuitive. And yes, it can be, if the tech is only used to replace existing processes and people who play a vital role within the guest journey. Mews doesn’t do that. We use technology to free hotel staff and guests from repetitive admin and tasks that don’t add value to the guest. Mews offers hoteliers the gift of time, time which can then be spent providing guests with remarkable experiences. For every task saved, we expect a moment given.

What makes Mews and Accor special?

Change usually happens slowly in big organizations. That’s partly what makes Accor’s decision so significant and so exciting. Their ambitious digital transformation program is a bold statement that there’s a better way for hospitality, and that there’s no time to wait. 

As well as delivering a more tailored, attentive guest journey, Mews is at the forefront of a new way of thinking. At the heart of this is our open API approach, our relentless focus on simplicity, but also our ambitious Spacetime project for multiple services and time units. The latter will deliver unrivalled flexibility for hoteliers and guests by reimagining the building blocks of hotel infrastructure and ultimately experiences themselves. Accor’s foresight means that they are moving to a truly limitless lifestyle experience with the guest in the middle, very much aligned with our conception of the art of being hospitable.  

For Accor hoteliers around the world, this partnership will provide new opportunities for innovation across tech and operations, bringing to life this new standard. And for everyone at Mews, it’s an exciting chance to work hand-in-hand with one of the very biggest brands in hospitality, learning and inspiring in equal measure. 

This is a truly momentous moment, not just for Mews and Accor, but for our industry. If the future of hospitality has already begun, we believe this will be the moment it grows wings.