Product  |  3 May 2019  |  Mews

Facial Recognition for Hoteliers

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Constantly having to log back in to your PMS while chatting to guests and colleagues? We've got you covered with another awesome innovation - our spanking new facial recognition tech means one less (major) hassle in your life... Here's Hadley from Mews demonstrating how simple and efficient it is:

Our futuristic new facial recognition feature means that you will NEVER AGAIN have to deal with that tiresome issue of getting logged out of the PMS every time you step away from reception to spend time with guests!

This super slick new tool enables you to lock your Commander account to quickly switch between users, and then unlock it again using your face!  (Or a password or PIN code if your prefer.) If you're still not 100% convinced by its power, sign up for a demo.


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3 May 2019

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