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Hostels are a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers looking for comfortable accommodations and a chance to meet fellow travelers from around the world. Providing a superb hostel guest experience is crucial to your success.  

We'll cover the best ways to do that, including creating a welcoming atmosphere, offering the right mix of amenities and activities, delivering excellent customer service and using technology. These strategies allow hostels to differentiate themselves while creating an unforgettable guest experience.


How to improve your hostel’s guest experience?

We wrote a lot about improving the hotel guest experience, but today the spotlight is on hostels. Here's how to make your hostel the “place to be” full of happy, returning guests.

Create a welcoming atmosphere

Memorable experiences start with a welcoming atmosphere. Ensure that the communal areas, guest rooms and bathrooms are regularly cleaned. Linens and towels should also be fresh and in good condition. First impressions matter, so have your staff practice giving a warm welcome. Start with 11 ways to greet guests.

Offer a choice of amenities

As budget accommodations, hostels tend to offer limited amenities. Impress your guests and rise above competitors by expanding the choice of amenities. Here are a few ideas: natural shampoos and conditioners, soaps and creams, good-quality pillows, etc. Carefully selected products can do wonders for improving the guest experience.


A hostel often has shared accommodations where guests can meet fellow travelers and share experiences. That's your chance to organize fun activities: a pub crawl, pub quiz, guided tours, etc. Guests will remember these experiences and be more likely to return or recommend your hostel to friends. 

hostel activities

Go above and beyond

When it comes to the hostel guest experience, every little detail counts. For instance, you could offer lemonade, coffee, or tea upon arrival. Another impressive move is stocking a fridge with refreshing drinks guests can help themselves to during their stay. 

Tiny details make all the difference in hospitality. Choose the ones that make a good impression but don't cost a lot – you don't want to sacrifice your revenue by offering added services. Instead, go for details that inspire your guests to pay more because they know they're getting better service.

Engage your guests

Engaging your guests goes beyond sending a confirmation email. You want them to know what to expect before, during and after their stay at your hostel. Send them tips about the best tours and top visitor spots, and while they're in the hostel, inform them about the ongoing activities. 

After the check-out, don't forget to send information about the upcoming deals, special events and loyalty discounts. Engaging guests can do wonders for the guest experience because the attention makes them feel special.

Streamline the check-in process

The best way to streamline the check-in process is by adding a self-service kiosk. Offering mobile check-in and digital keys improves the guest experience since a smooth check-in process ensures a flawless first impression.

Leverage technology

Leveraging modern technology like a virtual concierge can make a difference. It reduces the time to manage service requests while facilitating online check-in, check-out and direct guest messaging with the front desk. The virtual concierge also cuts long lines at the reception, which is fundamental to guest satisfaction levels. 

Having an integrated PMS (Property Management System) makes hostel operations and processes more efficient too, allowing your team to focus on providing fantastic guest service instead of handling manual work.

Customer service

Having knowledgeable and friendly staff willing to give tips, directions and recommendations is a terrific way to ensure guest satisfaction. Connecting with guests throughout their stay shows them you value their experience at your hostel. Plus, you can give them helpful information about the city and its surroundings.


We've explored eight ways to improve your hostel's guest experience. Superb customer service, technology, streamlined processes, high-quality amenities and services, a welcoming atmosphere, and going above and beyond are excellent ways to impress your hostel guests. 

Making guests feel at home at your hostel will make them happy and likely to return or share the enthusiasm with their family and friends. Ready to impress them? 


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