Most guests consider hotel cleanliness when choosing where to stay. Still, many hotels overlook the importance of cleanliness because of the difficulty in finding qualified employees. That's where a well-trained and motivated housekeeping department comes into play.

So today, we're exploring top tips for ensuring hotel cleanliness and meeting guest expectations.

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Cleanliness is a deciding factor when choosing a hotel 

In the hospitality industry, cleanliness stands for so much more than spotless spaces. It shows a hotel's commitment to guests – their well-being, comfort and safety. With such a wide range of hotels available, meeting minimum standards for hygiene is no longer enough. A clean environment promotes trust and confidence, and it's the first thing guests notice upon arrival.

Cleanliness is not just the lack of dust, stains, or dirt – it also encompasses attention to detail. A hotel's reputation is tied to its look and feel, so it's advisable to prioritize routine maintenance. It's also imperative to instill this mindset in every staff member.

cleanliness is a deciding factor when choosing a hotel


Top tips to improve hotel cleanliness

Now that you’ve understood the importance of cleanliness, let’s explore ways to improve management of this crucial area of your hotel.

Automate the housekeeping department 

Automation in your housekeeping department is a golden ticket to unlocking productivity gains. While you can't automate housekeepers' daily tasks, you can improve efficiency by relying on automation. Your PMS can improve internal communication – from knowing which guests have left the room or checked out to prioritizing early check-ins.

A mobile app lets housekeepers track their tasks, get real-time updates and understand their responsibilities. With smart scheduling, your team can have a more complete workload overview. They can see their assigned spaces and mark them when done, letting the front desk know a room is ready for check-in.

Automation is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to ensure cleanliness standards and efficiency within the housekeeping department.

Keep up to date with modern hotel technology  

We recommend that you keep track of different technologies that can support your housekeeping department in working more efficiently. UV-C light, for example, makes the disinfection process much simpler. Innovative technologies are coming out almost daily – focus on those that help you streamline the housekeeping department.

Focus on high-touch areas 

The details can make or break first impressions. High-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, remote controls and elevator buttons deserve your full attention. Don't forget marks on walls, caused by suitcases banging into them.

Focusing on high-touch areas shows you care about the health and safety of your guests, as proper disinfection minimizes the spread of contagious viruses.

Ensure regular deep cleaning 

Besides regular daily cleanings, you should also perform deep cleaning sessions. That could look like an occasional deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and other high-traffic areas that accumulate dirt. Doing this ensures cleanliness and prevents your amenities from showing wear and tear too quickly.

ensure regular deep cleaning

Ask for regular guest feedback 

Asking for regular guest feedback helps you check if you and your staff are living up to guest expectations. This can look like sending push notifications in the hotel app or having the virtual concierge ask for feedback on cleanliness. Try promptly addressing any concerns and use feedback to drive continuous improvement. Trained staff will be capable of handling any potential problems.

Don’t skimp on cleaning supplies 

While training and motivation play a big part in cleaning well, the products you choose matter, too. Your staff will perform much better with the right supplies and tools. Just like a chef has his favorite knife, your team has preferences about cleaning equipment. Consult with them before making any big investments. 

Inspect regularly 

For the best results, introduce routine inspections of guest rooms and communal areas. This way, you can get an idea of your team's performance and address any issues that surface during the inspection.  

Staff training 

Regular staff training is essential for your team's success. Each person should know which cleaning techniques and supplies to use. Better housekeeping starts with proper training. When you invest in upgrading your team's skills, they're motivated to work better. 

Ask the right questions when hiring housekeepers 

Staffing shortages hit the housekeeping departments worldwide hard. To mitigate this, your HR department should ask the right questions when hiring new housekeepers. The questions should help them understand the person’s level of attention to detail, problem-solving skills, ability to multi-task, and to see the big picture.

Having competent staff who proactively solve issues is essential to going above and beyond standards. Without the right people, cleanliness is just a task to tick off the list.


Modern guests no longer look for a place to stay but an overall experience. That's why hotels must prioritize cleanliness and instill it as a value across teams. Hotel cleanliness goes beyond appearance and speaks to a hotel's commitment to guest satisfaction. Hoteliers who embrace this mindset can build a foundation of trust that encourages guest loyalty.


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