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Ever wondered how to boost your outdoor space revenue? To maximize profit, you must ensure that no corner of your hotel goes under-utilized. From hotel terraces to the pool, gardens and other outdoor areas, tapping into the potential of your whole property is the secret to profitability.

We will look at how outdoor spaces boost revenue and how to optimize these spaces to improve your value proposition. There's nothing like an open space to inspire guests to relax, focus on their wellbeing and socialize with others.


Top ideas for boosting hotel revenue with outdoor spaces  

You can use outdoor spaces to host events such as weddings, promote your bar or restaurant, upsell and make your hotel more appealing. They provide an inviting area for guests to relax and enjoy your services. Their versatility is the key to unlocking ancillary revenue sources.  

Attractive outdoor spaces also encourage word-of-mouth marketing and promotion on social media – and who would say no to free online exposure? 

Make them visually appealing 

Many studies have shown that spending time outdoors helps us relax. It also reduces stress and diminishes cortisol (stress hormone) levels while reducing muscle tension and heart rate. And this is exactly what people need from a vacation: to de-stress and relax.

You can create good vibes with well-designed outdoor areas that encourage total relaxation and a positive guest experience. Discover other simple ways to enhance the guest experience.

Leverage them for upselling 

Whether it's the allure of a room with a private balcony or sea views, outdoor spaces present premium opportunities for upselling more expensive rooms. While efficient upsells require you to pinpoint the target audience, room upgrades can be offered to anyone, making it one of the best strategies to boost revenue.

ideas for boosting hotel revenue with outdoor spaces

Use them to build brand identity  

Outdoor spaces can be a big part of your hotel's visual identity. Lush green spaces can be a powerful marketing tool to share via social media, creating positive brand exposure, attracting new guests and leading to more bookings.   

Especially among the younger demographic, most guests prefer to stay in an aesthetically pleasing hotel with abundant outdoor space over a similar hotel that's not as visually appealing.   

Stay dynamic and flexible 

Aiming to increase revenue? Keeping your outdoor spaces dynamic lets you drive more ancillary revenue from the various activities and services. You can simultaneously host weddings, parties and corporate gatherings – all of which drive additional revenue.


Five strategies to increase your hotel revenue with outdoor spaces 

Now that you understand the importance of leveraging outdoor spaces, let’s look at some ways to use them to increase hotel revenue. 

Events and entertainment 

Use outside areas to organize regular music events, club nights, or theme parties that attract locals and guests. Having many entertained guests at your event translates to more earning opportunities. It also helps build authentic experiences that are so important to modern guests. 

Dining and bars 

If you have a hotel terrace and want to maximize the potential of your property, create a bar or a restaurant with a diverse menu and specialty drinks. That will encourage guests to spend more on food and beverages. You could also create special tasting menus served exclusively in your outdoor spaces.   

Collaborations and partnerships 

Why limit your offering to only what you can provide? There’s more strength in working together to offer a unique experience. Team up with a top local chef or the city’s hottest bartender and organize a pop-up at your outdoor restaurant or bar. You could also offer yoga classes in one of your outside areas to boost your wellness offering and create additional revenue streams.

collaborations and partnerships

Creative landscaping 

While creative landscaping won’t directly generate revenue, it helps to create a visually appealing space. Use it for promotion on social media – building anticipation and creating a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) is an underrated driver of purchasing decisions. 

Special packages and offers 

You can use open spaces to create packages and offers designed to specifically highlight features such as a “Romantic garden getaway” or an “Outdoor wellness retreat.” 


Honing the potential of your property’s outdoor space can dramatically improve the overall guest experience. It also unlocks new revenue potential, giving your hotel what it needs to be successful and profitable in the long term.


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