I’m delighted that the Mews universe is expanding yet again, this time with the acquisition of UK-based PMS Hotel Perfect, who proved to be the perfect partner for us. I guess the clue was in the name. 

So why did we choose Hotel Perfect, and why did they choose us? 

Firstly, I think it’s really important to state that our approach for acquisitions is never just to take over competitors and gut them of their business. When we buy a company, we want them to become an active part of Mews, to contribute to making us better and ultimately improving our industry as a whole. 

A big factor in the decision was the quality of the product and the service that Hotel Perfect provide. With hundreds of loyal customers, many of whom have been with them since the very beginning, it’s obvious that the team are doing plenty of things right. They share a similar mindset to us at Mews, and will help us to further grow our already strong UK customer base. 

With Hotel Perfect, not only do we bring on board great technology, but we welcome a number of talented, knowledgeable and passionate people into the Mews fold. Their team, led by Andrew Risely, will be a real asset to our mission of enabling remarkable hospitality. Doubtless, there is plenty we can learn from them, and their deep expertise will contribute to what we can offer hoteliers as they settle into the Mews culture. And it’s also great news for Hotel Perfect hoteliers, because they’ll have the continuity of working with the same team. 

So why did they choose Mews? Hotel Perfect had a number of suitors, but our similarities helped to bring us together. Just as I founded Mews in 2012 because of my frustration with the limitations of legacy PMSs, so too Andrew founded Hotel Perfect – although he beat me by over a decade! 

In Andrew’s own words: “The growth and innovation from Mews is second to none. We’ve known Mews for a long time and believe they are leading the way when it comes to next-generation property management systems. It’s an incredibly exciting moment for our employees and customers who will be well-supported by Mews, now and in the years to come.” 


What’s next for Mews? 

Mews’ growth doesn’t stop here. The world of property management systems is a fragmented one, and there’s going to be more inevitable consolidation over the coming years. Within the last 18 months, we’ve (publicly) welcomed Planet Winner and Base7booking, and I’m confident that the Hotel Perfect acquisition will be every bit as successful. We’re lucky that we’ve always been able to choose companies that align with our vision and help us to scale further – although ‘lucky’ is doing a disservice to our fantastic M&A team who work tirelessly to find the best suited partnerships. 

Ultimately, our goal is to be the biggest and the best hospitality cloud on the market, and so we remain active in the acquisition market. Watch this space because there may be more exciting deals like this coming soon. 

Here's to a remarkable future.