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PMS technology is the driving force behind a seamless guest journey. Regardless of size, all properties benefit from a system that simplifies and automates hotel operations. Great PMS technology lets you focus on what matters most: creating an unforgettable guest experience.   

In the high-paced hospitality industry, being structured and organized makes all the difference. Let's explore how PMS technology can serve you in driving efficiency and better engagement with customers.


The origins of the PMS technology  

Westin introduced the first hotel reservation systems in 1947. However, the hotel world had to wait until 1970 for the first PMS technology. Since then, property management systems have grown by leaps and strides until finally uniting in style in purpose by the mid-1990s.  

In 1995, guests could finally access central reservations and online booking thanks to the Internet. Another revolution came in 2010 with the release of the first cloud-based PMS, now a standard hotel offering. Cloud technology is safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly because it is 100% paperless. Discover the benefits of a cloud-based PMS.


The evolution of this technology in the hotel industry 

PMS technology has come a long way since its humble origins. Property management systems have revolutionized the way hoteliers manage their businesses. The best hotel businesses are tech-forward and agile – they have automated menial tasks to focus on guests instead. 

Cloud-based PMS technology allows hoteliers to manage on the go, keep track of real-time data and monitor reservations and profitability. All done in a few clicks. Technology is constantly evolving to meet the shifting demands of the hospitality industry and to enable a more integrated guest experience.


Where is Property management system technology going? 

When we talk about a Property management system, technology has come a long way since it first came out. Keep reading to see what's next for this exciting technology.


With over a third of people using mobile devices to book hotels, mobile-first PMS technology is the future. Mobile technology has evolved to embody every step of the guest journey: direct bookings, mobile check-in, direct messaging and a digital concierge. Mobile-first PMS allows you to integrate all services into a frictionless guest journey.   

Going mobile has additional benefits: easier task scheduling and centralized communication among staff. Every team member knows what everyone is doing in real-time. As mobile technology advances, it's bound to be the most agile way to make daily hotel operations more efficient.

Open API 

An Open API property management system is a game changer. It acts as a centralized platform for driving efficiency, giving hoteliers access to a wide range of hospitality tech software.  

From booking engine APIs to channel manager APIs, having access to specialized software makes it easier to create a connected experience. Discover the advantages of open platforms.


The best PMS technology is cloud-based for a great reason. Well, a few of them: access from anywhere, automatic synchronization and the ability to launch deals based on real-time availability. Cloud-based technology also reduces costs as the traditional PMS are expensive to install and require a lot of training.


In the past, hoteliers had to rely on different tools to manage operations and daily tasks. Technology cleared the path for integration: an all-in-one system now takes care of everything.  

An integrated property management system like Mews can handle reservation management, operations, check-in, payments, data and guest engagement. From there, any tools or software applications easily connect to the central system.


Guestcentricity translates to managing the guest experience with technology. The future of property management technology lies in providing the tools to collect data and create guest profiles to further personalize the guest experience. With the right data, hoteliers can target offers and drive additional revenue throughout the guest journey.   

The more personalized you can make the stay, the better the overall guest experience. Your property management system should allow you to store guest preferences and make notes. That way, you can understand what motivates your guests and increase guest satisfaction.  

Guestcentricity should be at the core of all operations and at the forefront of any property management tool you choose.


By now, you should understand the benefits of having a PMS that can innovate and keep you ahead of competitors by providing the most integrated guest experience. With the right property management system, you can deliver seamless operations and attract loyal, returning guests.  

A mobile-friendly, cloud-based, integrated and guest-centric system with an open API will help you take your property into the future. 


Download the guide to switching your PMS

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