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A hotel property renovation may be just what you need to catapult your hotel ahead of the competition. Imagine a freshly remodeled hotel with modern installations, new furniture and bedding. When guests arrive at your hotel, they may be quick to make judgments. And while remarkable service should always be at the core of your operations, a fresh look can help make first impressions count even more.

Before embarking on a renovation, the first step is to consider whether you need it and get inspired by some terrific ideas. Happy reading.

How to know when your hotel needs a renovation? 

From adhering to industry standards to ensuring a positive guest experience, there are many reasons why you may opt for a hotel renovation. Here are some telltale signs that it’s time for a refresh.

Wear and tear 

With tons of daily visitors, some wear and tear can be expected at your property. It could be stained carpets and furniture, chipped paint, or broken bathroom tiles.

To sustain a positive impression, you need to keep an eye on and proactively update the look and feel of your hotel. Regular maintenance and impeccable room cleaning prevent your hotel rooms from too much wear and tear.

Outdated look and feel 

There's a difference between vintage and old. The first is trendy and gives a sense of staying on top of the latest trends. But when something is out of fashion, and you can tell it's been around for a while, it's time for a change. If you can't even remember your hotel's last makeover, get ready to modernize.


Defining your hotel’s comp set is crucial for understanding how well your hotel is holding up against the competition. If those hotels have recently done renovations appealing to your target market, you should do the same to stay competitive.

how to know when your hotel needs a renovation

Technology and safety

Safety and technology go together as technology can change hotel security. Keyless entry, voice commands, biometrics and surveillance cameras help keep your guests, their information, and your hotel safe. Some safety regulations might force you to update to comply. 


If you've recently updated your hotel branding, it might be time to renovate because of consistency. Aligning brand standards with the physical features of your hotel will ensure a cohesive image that your guests will appreciate.

Best 6 hotel renovation ideas to improve your property 

There are many ways to improve your property. Let's explore the best ideas for making your guests more comfortable, unlocking additional revenue sources and helping your team work more smoothly.

Technology is a must 

If your hotel hasn’t integrated technology into the guest experience, it’s about time. Smart room technology is all about flexibility and personalization. Whether it’s mirrors, temperature and lighting control, voice technology, or a virtual assistant, embracing technology is the most crucial upgrade you can make.

Technology goes beyond the in-room experience. Self-service kiosks in the lobby revolutionized the guest journey by cutting back on front desk queues and keeping the check-ins flexible. You may consider designing the reception area around the kiosks.

That way, the front desk can be more floating, with receptionists carrying tablets and helping the less tech-savvy guests when necessary.

Maximize spaces 

Mixed-use spaces let you increase revenue through optimized property usage. Say goodbye to underused spaces and experiment with mixed-use. Your lobby can double as a pop-up shop, and the bar could be a coworking space during the day and an event venue at night. The more you can work in flexible spaces in your remodel, the more revenue you can generate.

Go local 

You can make your hotel a part of the local economy by hiring local artists and interior designers who can help your hotel blend into its surroundings. Maybe you work with a ceramicist to design the dishware for your bar or restaurant. Or, local artists could paint the rooms. Ask a local woodworker to create one-of-a-kind furniture or set up a co-designed merch store inside the lobby. All of this will distinguish you from the competition.

hotel renovation ideas

Rethink your entrance 

Your entrance or lobby is the first thing guests see upon arrival. Make sure to make it inviting to create a great first impression. A carefully selected lighting can make the lobby feel like a home away from home. Cozy spaces are also better for staff, who will be more comfortable working in a welcoming environment.

Create themed rooms 

Themed rooms can be created with local artists for specific guest types – families, couples and business guests, to name a few. This way, you have something for everyone, attracting new guests that otherwise wouldn't have come.

Go green 

Plants and greenery can make a space pop. Try to create a smooth transition between the indoors and outdoors. Vertical gardens provide a breath of fresh air and can also be used to cool the environment naturally. A green roof can even help you cut back on heating in the winter and using AC in the summer.

Going green is also about finding ways to be more sustainable.


Hotel property renovation can turn your business around by attracting diverse visitors and enhancing the guest experience. However, it’s crucial to do a cost-benefit analysis to ensure a good return on investment. Before implementing the ideas in this article, involve key stakeholders like managers, staff and maybe even regular guests. They can help you gain valuable insights and make the renovation super successful.