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May is usually reliable for some good sun, but if you’ve been anywhere in the Northern hemisphere this last month, you’ll know we couldn’t rely on consistent weather. One thing you can always rely on, however, is the Mews Marketplace growing, and the month of May was no different in this regard. 

Here's a quick roundup of some of our favorite additions from throughout the last four weeks. Look through the list to see what’s new – you never know, you might find your new favorite solution... 



Adchieve is a data science company with an expertise in online marketing, particularly in travel and retail. They’ve integrated numerous travel companies on metasearch platforms such as Trivago, Tripadvisor and Google Hotel Ads, and they can help your property to advertise across these channels. 

Besides technical implementation, their team has strong experience in managing online marketing campaigns and creating tailor-made algorithms. With the Mews integration, you’ll be able to pull through rates, prices, and resources in order to easily integrate and advertise them on metasearch platforms. 

View Adchieve on Mews Marketplace 



Autohost is a guest-screening and automation platform for fast-growing hospitality companies. Using machine learning and behavioral checks, Autohost creates a scalable process to review your guests and keep your properties safe.  

Autohost automates ID verifications, background and credit checks, security deposits and more, helping you reduce your insurance premiums, improve your guest experience and acquire more units without growing your headcount. The cherry on the cake? Super easy set-up and onboarding. 

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Point of sale software with easy-to-use touchscreen tech and some of the most powerful functionalities seen in a POS system. That means not only order processing, but full stock control, back-office operations, loyalty and membership programs, and smart alerts. 

Because the solution is built in a modular way, you can choose a version of Bepoz that works best for you. If your business starts to grow, it’s easy to then purchase extra functionality that will help you scale much faster. No up-front fees, a business-hours help desk and 24/7 emergency phone support round out an excellent package. 

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CleanApp is a solution for hotel owners and cleaning staff that digitizes tasks and simplifies processes for the housekeeping team. Through a mobile app the cleaning staff can easily update room status, check specific tasks, communicate with management and track any required maintenance 

With this Mews integration, the CleanApp dashboard can connect to the Mews platform directly and read room IDsThat means that any time a status or anything else is updated in CleanApp, it will also be automatically updated within Mews as well. Shiny. 

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ImpulsePoint (by Impulsify) 

The Impulsify mission is to equip hoteliers with customized retail technology, design services and business intelligence to maximize impulse sales in hotel lobby retail outlets. Sounds fancy. So what does it actually do? 

The ImpulsePoint suite of Retail Technology Solutions automates every aspect of lobby retail: front desk transactions, in-store self-pay, back office inventory management, procurement, and daily operations. Nice. In fact, by using using ImpulsePoint and their Suggested Retail Pricing Database, profits usually increase from anywhere between 25% to 220%. 

View ImpulsePoint on Mews Marketplace 


Kognitiv (channel manager) 

Kognitiv optimizes the distribution activities with the help of an innovative central distribution platform. You can choose from an extensive product portfolio in order to build up bookings for the coming seasons, with a fully equipped toolbox that’s web-based, intuitive, and will help to deliver on your sales goals. 

You’ll get a powerful booking engine with plenty of revenue-generating marketing features, plus instant connections to the most popular OTAs and meta channels. Still want more? Kognitiv gives hoteliers a unique trading environment through exclusive hotel loyalty programs, bringing together leading brands and increasing success through synergies. 

And by the way, Swiss hotelier organization Waliser Hotelier Verein has a special deal where every member gets this channel manager for free – so if you’re with the group, definitely check Kognitiv out. 

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