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Summer is here but that doesn’t mean our integrations team has downed tools and set up their deck chairs on the beach; they’re still hard at work connecting more of hospitality’s best apps to Mews Marketplace. 

Since our May integration update, we’ve added four major new solutions that can streamline your operations, enhance your guest experience, and boost your ancillary revenue. Let’s take a look.


Mews integrations that went live in June


NextPax is a leading channel manager that specializes in providing complex API-connectivity solutions. This enables seamless connectivity between property management systems and distribution channels worldwide, largely thanks to an extensive network of 600,000+ managers and channels. That’s a lot. 

You’ll get full content distribution, including images, descriptions, amenities, sub-room information and distances, with a direct connection to Mews for instant price and inventory updates. The likes of Novasol, CenterParcs, Interhome and HotelPlanner are all customers – you can find out more and join them by clicking the link below. 

View NextPax on Mews Marketplace



Optii is a leading specialist housekeeping optimization software. The solution means heightened productivity and efficiency for your team, thanks to an easy-to-use digital app that lets staff track and monitor tasks, as well as measure performance. 

But that’s not all. Optii uses smart algorithms and AI to predict cleaning times and evaluate optimum cleaning sequences to ensure you’re working efficiently and that guests benefit from rooms that are cleaned faster and better. Sounds like the future? You could make it your reality today. 

View Optii on Mews Marketplace



Boost your guest experience by making it super easy to buy tickets for museums, attractions, activities and more. Your hotel isn’t the only reason your guests are staying with you (sorry to burst that bubble) – they also care about the surroundings. Using PrioTicket allows your guests to explore your area thanks to live availability and up-to-date content and prices. 

When a guest books something, the fee gets added directly to their profile in Mews which they settle during check-out. It’s free to use and works on commission, giving you the opportunity to generate new sources of income.



There must be something in the air as this month sees not one but two ticket booking integrations. Skippticket is a web-based app that lets your hotel sell tickets for tours, attractions and pretty much any activity you can think of, directly from your front-desk. 

It just takes three clicks and can be done by any hotel employee because it’s so simple. The charges are posted straight to the guest’s profile, meaning a smooth experience for your guests and a stress-free time for your staff.

View Skippticket on Mews Marketplace


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