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The busy bees on our Partnerships team have been approving more connections to Mews, and since last month’s update there are seven new integrations now available on Mews Marketplace. 

Without further ado, here’s what’s new to Mews Marketplace for the month of August:  

  • Dyflexis  
  • GetWelcom 
  • Hotel Manager  
  • Lacoly 
  • Life House Revenue Management & Marketing 
  • Loopon 

And here’s what’s on the way: 

  • Amplix  
  • DIRS21  
  • Derbysoft  
  • Favrit  
  • Rezgain by Rategain  


Partners that went live in July

Want to know more? That’s why you’re here. Read on for the low-down on every new integration. 



Dyflexis is used by thousands of different companies in all shapes and sizes to easily create smart schedules and track working hours. 

Staff scheduling software from Dyflexis helps you to deploy your staff more efficiently. It lets you see at a glance how your staff costs are related to your turnover and lets you immediately alter your schedules where necessary. This way, you have an overview of everything and can avoid high staff costs. 

View Dyflexis on Mews Marketplace 



EUROICC GRMS Toccata enables hotel owners and staff to easily manage, monitor and control rooms and common areas. Its scalable, modular system optimizes daily operations and improves the quality of hotel management with real-time monitoring of numerous room events such as door state, guest presence, temperature measurement, and fan speed.  

This gives reception and management staff the ability to enable better service and increase energy efficiency. Also, part of the integration is getting reservation info from your PMS – i.e. Mews – in order to handle room access control.  

View Euro ICC on Mews Marketplace 



Getwelcom is lets hoteliers easily communicate with their guests, upsell additional services and promote their local partners. The web app can be accessed by guests during their stay by scanning a QR code, while the hotelier can also begin their journey before they arrive through emails.  

Through the app, guests can order extras like champagne upon arrival, or services like spa treatments throughout their stay. All information is posted on the guest’s bill, and a task is automatically created for your staff as a reminder. 

View GetWelcom on Mews Marketplace 


Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager powers future-ready hotels to launch, manage and operate every part of your hotel online, so you can supercharge revenues and deliver the on-demand experience guests expect.  

Named Best Guest Management Platform (Boutique Hotelier Awards 2021), Hotel Manager brings together online check-in, messaging, F&B, eCommerce and much more in one place for both staff and guests. And it gets even better: you can go live on the web in days, not months. 

View Hotel Manager on Mews Marketplace 



Lacoly specializes in guest communication via WhatsApp, allowing hotels to build WhatsApp flows in order to create a unique guest connection. By using WhatsApp, hotels can surprise guests by sharing tailored pre-arrival data, receive additional guest information for more effective processes, and offer guests the best upsells in a personalized way.  

It’s all automated so there’s no need to manually type out messaged or keep a close eye on multiple WhatsApp conversations. With the Mews connection, the data you need is automatically pulled from Mews Operations, and any purchases are then reflected in the platform. 

View Lacoly on Mews Marketplace 


Life House Revenue Management & Marketing

Life House's all-in-one solution powers advanced revenue management with dynamic pricing, distribution and digital marketing to drive increased direct bookings and RevPAR. With Life House's product you can customize your revenue strategy and easily monitor performance in a simple dashboard.  

Advanced dynamic pricing doesn’t rely on historical data, and their automated metasearch and search engine marketing helps hoteliers consistently achieve over 70% direct website bookings and 35% higher net RevPAR without needing to hire any revenue management or marketing specialists.  

View Life House Revenue Management & Marketing Software on Mews Marketplace 



Loopon is an all-in-one engagement platform for hotels to grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction and drive loyalty at all stages of the guest journey.  

With Loopon you can automate upselling before the stay, provide information and chat during the stay, request and act upon feedback after the stay, and monitor all relevant online reputation sources.  

View Loopon on Mews Marketplace 


New partners on the way – we need YOU 

We have a packed pipeline of new integrations that we want to roll out. For some of them, we’re still looking for pilot properties to help us in testing the new connections – if you’d like to help, reach out to your Mews rep. 



Amplixs is a Dutch tool that helps you measure the experience and satisfaction of your guests – and then gives you guidance on how to take action so you can make improvements.  



Derbysoft provides custom, flexible and high-performance connectivity solutions with unmatched response times and data accuracy. They offer a sophisticated length of stay-based system which results in their ability to support and connect a variety of partners with vastly different data structures. 



DIRS21 is a web-based reservations and channel management system that gives you full access to the wide world of online distribution. They have deep market expertise, providing solutions for the hotel, catering, and tourism sectors for over 20 years. 



Favrit is a POS that specializes in flexibility. It’s a holistic order and pay solution for restaurants and bars that handles traditional table service, over-the-counter ordering, and at-the-table digital ordering. Favrit is really easy to use – both for ordering and reporting – and staff can be trained in no time. 


Rezgain by Rategain

RezGain is RateGain’s smart distribution channel manager. It distributes rates and inventory with speed and efficiency and unlocks new revenue generation opportunities. It’s a one-stop channel management solution for online distribution, providing wide connectivity that covers big and long-tail channels across the world with end-to-end two-way integration with Mews, CRSs, RMSs, tour operators, GDSs, bed-banks, wholesalers and OTAs. 


There are now over 650 integrations available with Mews. You can see them all in the Mews Marketplace

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