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For every monthly integrations update, we write about how busy our team have been. It’s always true, but throughout March they must have been drinking rocket fuel as they’ve added a dizzying 13 new integrations to Mews Marketplace. 

Want to know more? Here’s a rundown of what’s new for April: 

  • Aloha POS 
  • Avalon Analytics 
  • ComXchange PBX 
  • Dataria Revenue Management 
  • Enso Connect 
  • Faundit 
  • Groupcorner 
  • Madiso POS
  • Malcolm! 
  • Newbridge Software 
  • Please ask m 
  • TripAdvisor Reputation Pro 
  • Virdee 


Aloha POS 

Aloha POS (point of sale) gives you the tools you need to boost sales and increase the pace and accuracy of your restaurant service. Enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations. It works with fixed POS terminals, built-for-purpose handheld devices and consumer mobile devices.  

You’ll also be able to post charges from your POS directly into guests’ rooms or paymaster accounts in Mews. 

View Aloha POS on Mews Marketplace 


Avalon Analytics 

Avalon is a hotel data analytics and revenue management software with a great selection of features and excellent customer service. You’ll get several tools for increased communication that scales with your hotel management needs in order to save costs, save time, and drive more revenue and profit. 

Aggregate your business data analytics served so you can focus on what matters the most: increasing your revenue. Deep dive into data analytics and quickly identify where you need to invest your time and focus with Avalon’s user-friendly visualization dashboards. 

View Avalon Analytics on Mews Marketplace 


ComXchange PBX 

ComXchange is a cloud-based and on-premises voice communication platform that bundles phone, voicemail, and call accounting services together in a unified comms system. A feature-rich and cost-effective phone system, ComXchange enhances the guest experience and delivers high reliability. ComXchange connects with Mews to exchange information such as check-ins, check-outs, room status and call charges. 

View ComXchange PBX on Mews Marketplace 


Dataria Revenue Management 

Dataria Revenue Management helps define the best pricing strategy through intelligent use of Big Data, presented in a useful and simple manner. Features include smart business intelligence, competitive set (shopper), price parity (parity check), channel manager, price optimizer, strategy validator, dashboard and early warnings.  

View Dataria Revenue Management on Mews Marketplace 


Enso Connect 

The Enso Connect platform unlocks everything boutique hotels need for a seamless and personalized guest experience. AI powered communications, contactless smart lock check-ins, an upselling marketplace and data-driven remarketing.  

You’ll be able to more efficiently engage with guests, automating up to 80% of all communications through a unified text, email, Whatsapp, and Airbnb inbox. You can develop a step-by-step smart lock connected check-in experience with personalized upselling for a revenue boost. Plus convert more inquiries to bookings and win more return customers.  

View Enso Connect on Mews Marketplace 



Faundit is a lost and found management integration that helps you handle any lost properties and inquiries in one place. They handle everything from contact with guests and payment for shipments to pick-up at your location and express delivery. 

In Mews, it is possible to receive notifications when a guest pays for shipment. In Faundit, you can get the latest reservations for a room, automatically adding contact information to the lost item case smoothly. It’s a great service for guests that can turn a potentially bad situation into a great experience. 

View Faundit on Mews Marketplace 



GPS is an all-in-one tool that centralizes all group and seminar requests in a dedicated area. It allows you to gain in productivity, increase your revenues, and improve customer and team satisfaction.  The solution enables end-to-end processing of files in a fast, intuitive and digitalized way.  

Some of its many features include a white label application form, automated contracting and invoicing, intelligent job cards, performance reports and much more. 


Madisa POS 

Madisa is a POS software that can connect to your restaurant or bar. The direct integration with Mews allows you to search for guest profiles or rooms, identify Paymaster accounts, charge to guests, and send end of day POS close to Mews. In short, it gives you a more connected system while giving guests a more seamless experience. 

View Madisa POS on Mews Marketplace 



Malcolm! allows you to build an online customer servicing system in hours, enabling your customers to self-serve 24/7/365, improving service while reducing cost. Meanwhile, you can gather feedback and continually improve your guest journey. Plus, you can use it to add notes to a guest profile, look up reservations, and update customer profile, all of which will be automatically reflected in Mews. 

View Malcolm! on Mews Marketplace 


Newbridge POS 

Newbridge Software is a tech solution that helps you with guest loyalty an gift cards, with time and attendance built into its core. It’s designed by hospitality experts for the hospitality industry in the UK specifically.  

Supported features: With the Mews connection, you can search room guests, post non-room charges, map departments in real time and post charges to rooms for guests. 

View Newbridge Software on Mews Marketplace 


Please ask m 

Please ask m is a virtual assistant that helps hotels and conference centres to process business bookings. Their AI robot, m, reads emails and transfers the data from these emails to reservation systems like Mews. It then automatically prepares quotations, which means that processing a business request takes five minutes instead of half an hour. It leaves more time for what hotel employees find most important: hospitality. 

View Please ask m on Mews Marketplace 


TripAdvisor Reputation Pro 

Work directly with TripAdvisor to impact your ranking on their platform. TripAdvisor will collect more reviews on your behalf to help increase your visibility and assure guests that you’re providing a travel experience that is memorable, healthy and safe.  

Once a guest checks out, TripAdvisor receives that check-out event from Mews. Then they send that guest an email and/or SMS on behalf of your hotel, asking the guest to review you on TripAdvisor. 

View TripAdvisor on the Mews Marketplace 



Virdee provides virtual reception and customer engagement software for your property. Reduce costs and generate ancillary revenue by automating front-of-house workflows via its mobile application and in-lobby experiences. Using an API-first approach, Virdee connects to Mews for ID verification, payment collection, access control and remote support. You can also search for bookings and check guests and in out. 

View Virdee on Mews Marketplace 



Phew. If you made it all the way here, then you may be interested in checking out the rest of our 600 or so integrations. You can find them on Mews Marketplace

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