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January can sometimes be a slow start to the year. We’re all still stuffed from the festive break and we need to remember exactly what it was we were working on. But that’s definitely not the case for our Integrations Team, who have been busy connecting yet more of the best hotel tech to Mews Marketplace. 

Here’s a quick look at what went live in the last few weeks. As a reminder, you can explore everything we have in our app store


forAtable by Lunchgate 

forAtable is a cloud-based table and reservation management system that lets restaurants offer a perfect guest experience while automating repetitive work. With the Mews integration, forAtable automatically recognizes and imports hotel guests into the restaurant reservation system, eliminating frustrating manual work for the staff, preventing input errors, and saving time and personnel costs.  

forAtable can be used to connect several restaurants and maintain guest data in a central CRM, creating reservations, sending guest/diner notifications via email and SMS, and assigning tables. 

View forAtable by Lunchgate on Mews Marketplace 



GauVendi manages room inventory, availability and pricing in a granular way, digitizing every element of the room experience (location, design, bathroom setup etc.) and repackages inventory into Room Feature Combinations optimized for all sales channels and travel segments. It’s a slightly different, more tailored way of thinking about selling rooms, and potentially opens up a whole new market. 

The purpose? Higher returns, reducing operating costs through reservation and assignment automation, and differentiating your offering to attract guests and drive a higher room value. 

View GauVendi on Mews Markeyplace 


GuestTouch Messaging 

GuestTouch Messaging helps hotels create meaningful interactions throughout the guest journey with direct messaging across a number of channels. Guests get a more seamless, personal experience, while hoteliers can expect to generate more sales in terms of bookings and upsells. Win-win. 

You can create and automate personalized messages in over 100 languages and work from a unified inbox so it’s easy to see which messages have been answered and what the content of each message is. 

View GuestTouch Messaging on Mews Marketplace 


GuestTouch Reputation+ 

GuestTouch Reputation+ is a reputation management platform that makes it easy to collect online reviews and guest feedback. You can then quickly analyze and respond to the feedback, ultimately improving overall guest trust and experience and increasing the confidence for potential guests to book. 

The tool also helps you craft personalized responses if you’re not confident responding on your own, a great extra add-on to a centralized comprehensive reputation management platform. 

View GuestTouch Reputation+ on Mews Marketplace 


KunLeiSys Transfer 

If your property is using the KunLeiSys system, this integration is big news. KunLeiSys is marketing and loyalty tool that adds a number of functions, the core of our which is the guest club, where all tasks and options are managed. The guest club is easily integrated into your existing homepage and allows your guest to collect loyalty points, get recommendations, and receive gifts for birthdays etc. 

Collected points can be converted directly into a hotel, massage or value voucher and redeemed, given away to friends, or redeemed for a discount when reserving a package deal offered exclusively for guest club members. The integration allows you to export guest data from Mews into KinLeiSys, meaning you have everything you need automatically. 

View KunLeiSys Transfer on Mews Marketplace 



MplusKASSA is a user-friendly point of sale (POS) system that provides a wide variety of integrations, the latest of which is with Mews. The connection allows you to select Mews as an external payment method on MplusKASSA POS and add orders to the relevant Mews guest profile. Everything’s synchronized automatically, streamlining payments for guests and making life easier for restaurant and hotel staff. 

View MplusKASSA on Mews Marketplace 


MyBookings Reporter: Google Data Studio Connector for Mews Business intelligence 

Want to take a deep dive into your data? This integration plugs your Mews data into Google Data Studio. That means in-depth reports based on all available data about reservations, customers, rates, spaces and services in your hotel, blended with other data sources in Google Data Studio. The result? Smarter business decisions.  

View MyBookings Reporter on Mews Marketplace 



PouchCONNECT, provided by PouchNATION, lets hostel chains easily manage guests, increase revenue, and manage their products and inventory. With the Mews integration, you’ll be able to verify and check reservation details so that guests can go fully cashless on your property, with synchronized accounting records and bills. 

View PouchCONNECT on Mews Marketplace 



Userguest is a smart notifications tool designed to convert website visitors into booked guests. It uses algorithms to display customized notifications to each website visitor, and via the Mews integration it can automate messaging with up-to-date special offers like early bird and last-minute deals. That means more conversions and more revenue through direct bookings. Yes please. 

View Userguest on Mews Marketplace 


Of course, there are hundreds more integrations available with Mews. Head to Mews Marketplace to browse through them all, and if you’d like to keep up to date with the latest partner news and Mews content, just subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Scroll down the page a tiny bit more and you’ll see the button.