HosIntra Housekeeping

Instead of using paper or standard housekeeping apps, your housekeeping management team can now save a lot of time by easily managing the planning and auditing the performance of your cleaning employees. Regular bedroom spaces and extra spaces can easily be assigned to the relevant cleaners and be prioritized to avoid extra guest waiting time. Due to the various specific cleaning programs and checklists with a “how to” explanation per task, everybody knows exactly which spaces need to be cleaned, and how.

Supervisors can check cleaning status and progress in real-time and give direct feedback by using checklists and adding comments or photos, and a defect in a room can easily be reported by using maintenance tickets. The front office staff, housekeeping team and the technical department have never been so easily connected.


  • Make housekeeping more effienct with a simple two-way integration
  • View room status updates made in HosIntra and in Mews in real time
  • Get excellent support any time you have a question or an issue

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