People of Mews: meet Carina Satorra Tarrés, Sales Director for Spain and Portugal

Meet Carina Satorra Tarrés, our Sales Director for Spain and Portugal!


Position: Sales Director

Location: Barcelona

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There are rumours that you’re a sales machine! Why does your background make you the best person for the job?

I suppose that when you enjoy what you do, it really helps towards getting good results! Also, when you factor in the extra help of an excellent system in your hands, that’s certainly a big plus!

The fact that I started my career in hospitality, working in different departments of various hotels, has allowed me to understand the workings of a hotel from the inside out. That means that I really understand the challenges that a property faces daily. It also makes it easy to connect with hoteliers, understand their motivations and stresses, and to help improve their daily operations.

And so, I’d say that a combination of empathy, determination, positivity and the will to learn every day is the key to this success.


It's rewarding to see how, day by day, we build a bigger and bigger presence in the sector.



Tell us what does your role actually involve?

My role as a Sales Director is to bring the magic of Mews to the Iberian territory. That involves looking for strategies and points of contact in order to sell our product to hotels, hostels and apartments. I’m also lucky to spend my days working with a great team of Sales Managers, who all pour their energy and drive into helping us grow every day. 

A normal day in the office could be described as… hectic! We don’t get bored – from contacting hoteliers, organizing meetings, demos, proposals and participating in events. Really, it’s all very entertaining and rewarding to see how, day by day, we build a bigger and bigger presence in the sector. 


Which of Mews’ achievements are you most proud of?

For me it’s been an honour to have been the first employee for Mews Spain. It hasn’t been easy at all, since people barely knew us at the beginning! Today, I’m very proud to be part of a new office in Barcelona with a fantastic team of 16 people… and growing!

When I speak to a hotelier and they tell me that they’ve heard about Mews, it makes me really happy. When I show them our system and their reaction is one of astonishment at what it can do – that really excites me. That must mean that we’re doing something right!


When I show hoteliers our system and their reaction is one of astonishment at what it can do – that really excites me.



What's the biggest challenge that Mews faces in the Iberian market?

I’d say the challenge in our territory is to break down the habits and stereotypes. As humans, we’re creatures of habit. We need to bear in mind that in order to change the PMS, you need to change the old mentality and practices. 

Switching from one PMS to another is by no means an easy task. If you ask any hotelier, 80% of them are not happy with their current PMS, but when they think of all the changes and training involved in changing to something new – it’s a really daunting undertaking. With Mews, it’s so easy to set it up, and it’s so user friendly, and there’s so much learning material in the Mews University, that the training and activation takes only 3 days! Getting customers to see how easy it can be is a challenge, but once they do it’s usually an easy sell.


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Why do you believe that Mews has the potential to disrupt the hospitality tech industry?

Mews brings a new mentality on how to apply tech to make the world of hospitality much better. It’s genuinely future-facing, leaving room for new technologies and allowing us to integrate with absolutely any system on the market, all while automating all manual processes that cost businesses time and money. And of course, that means that our customers can dedicate their time to the thing that really matters: their guests.


Mews brings a new mentality on how to apply tech to make the world of hospitality much better. It’s genuinely future-facing...



What's your magic power for making Mews a household name amongst hoteliers in your territory?

Mews is the future!

In short: cloud based system, user friendly, automation, open API, more than 300 integrations so far, new technology, payment gateway integration to automate all payments, online check-out… Want to know more? You can always click here to book a demo 😀


What are the toughest and most enjoyable aspects of your job?

As our team is growing, it’s a challenge to make sure everyone at the Iberian team feels comfortable, lives the Mews culture and values, reaches their targets and still has fun with the rest of the colleagues, as we are like a family here.  

As for the enjoyable parts, it’s a great satisfaction to receive positive feedback from new customers after they’ve signed up with Mews, and to hear how their operations have dramatically improved. 


Which other Spanish-speaking countries do you feel are economically and culturally hungry and ready to embrace the power of Mews?

We’re really keen on welcoming all LATAM countries into Mews, since we do not have the language and culture barrier. However, for each country in which Mews is live, we have to prepare the legal environment accordingly, and that currently requires an investment in time and resources… But bear with us, we’re on it!


Please tell us something surprising about yourself!

Not sure if it’s surprising but I have grew up with two brothers by my side – very active and they love all kinds of sports and games. So if you challenge me I will be super ready for action!




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