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We’re not sure about you, but 2022 felt like a busy year. There was a lot going on, globally but also in the world of hospitality. Staff shortages continued, the summer saw peak ADR and RevPAR numbers, and hotel tech companies received massive funding injections *cough cough*. 

In all the busyness, it’s possible you may have missed something, so what better way to put your mind at rest than with a recap of our most popular pieces of hospitality content from throughout the year? 

Pour yourself a cup of tea/coffee/mulled wine and relax with these must-reads. 


Hotel chargebacks: how they work and how to dispute them 

This blog post first appeared in 2020, but remains as relevant (and popular) today. The title tells you everything you need to know so we don’t need to add anything else. That said, this blog comes with a second bonus part from October this year: How to prevent chargebacks and fraudulent charges at your hotel


10 Tips to Improve Your Housekeeping Operation 

This guide does exactly what it says on the tin. Housekeeping is typically one of the teams most affected by the ongoing staff shortage in hospitality, and this will help your outfit become more efficient while making cost savings and happier guests. 


Life House customer story 

Hoteliers always want to hear from their peers about what it’s really like to use Mews. Life House is one of our most inspiring customers, and their success story details how they use custom API connections and benefit from rapid property onboarding. 


How to reduce your hotel’s OTA commissions 

The enduring love-hate relationship with online travel agencies is here to stay, but there are actions you can take to tip the balance in favor of direct bookings. This article outlines some of the best ways to minimize the amount of commission you pay. 


Empower Your Teams 

The guide to Empower Your Teams is all about boosting operational efficiency within your property while also improving your staff experience. Go team-by-team through your hotel with tips on how empowerment can improve each department. 


YHA Australia customer story 

Industry-leading booking engine conversion rates. Almost zero chargebacks. 21 properties live in just three months. There’s loads to love from YHA Australia’s journey so far with Mews – get inspired. 


Rethinking spaces with Mews: long stay accommodation 

2022 was the year of rethinking spaces. Hotel rooms are not just for overnight stays: they’re for day use, office space and long-stay guests. This article explores the financial benefits to long stays, what these guests need, and how Mews is geared up to help.


Maximizing Your Property’s Full Potential 

Learn how to better utilize your hotel space in order to increase and diversify your revenue and modernize your guest experience. From parking spaces to rooftop terraces, this guide helps you reimagine what your property can offer. 


Hotel industry trends to watch out for in 2023 

Somewhat ironically, in this look back at the past year of content, we’ve included a recent piece that turns it attention to the future. Technology, trends, habits and global factors continually impact hospitality, and this is what our crystal ball tells us will be recurring themes in 2023. 


Why we raised $185m and what’s next for Mews and hospitality? 

Although this news still feels hot off the press, it’s so pivotal to our future that we had to include it. Richard, our founder, reflects on Mews’ latest funding round and what it means for Mews, our customers, and hospitality in general. 


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