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Welcome, explorers, to the latest integration update for Mews Marketplace. Last month, our Integrations Team pushed a record 13 integrations live, so they earned a bit of a rest for the month of April. That being said, they still insisted on adding some more new additions, and that’s exactly what you’re about to find out about. 

New to Mews Marketplace for the month of May is:

  • Hotel Cloud 
  • Munu 
  • Sponteous
  • Toast 

Here’s a little more about each. 


Hotel Cloud 

Hotel Cloud is a cross-functional tool that provides a combination of hotel analytics, real-time rate optimization, tailored e-marketing and voice experiences for guests and staff using Alexa. In fact, Hotel Cloud were the first in Europe to partner with Amazon and offer this Alexa integration. 

They collate hundreds of data sources and combine them with machine learning to deliver optimum rates, tailored marketing opportunities and personalised in-room guest experiences. You’ll also get data-driven insights to help you understand your guests better and ultimately increase your RevPAR. 

View Hotel Cloud on Mews Marketplace 



Munu makes it easier to run profitable restaurants, bars, and cafés. From menu management and inventory to POS and self-service solutions, the Munu platform connects it in one system, so you can manage everything from one place. That means less admin and time wasted by your team, and more time to focus on taking care of guests. 

Some of their features include a cloud portal for management and reporting; inventory management; self-service QR ordering, online store and table booking; multipay; and attaching F&B orders to rooms and companies. 

View Munu on Mews Marketplace 



Sponteous is a cloud-based upselling platform that enables guests to bid on room upgrades. It's an easy and fun way of increasing both guest engagement and your upselling revenue.  

Here’s how it works. Hotels can send bidding requests to their incoming guests. Once guests click on their personalized link, they can name their price on the room you’re upselling, and you can accept or decline offers via a dashboard. If the offer is accepted, the guest gets notified and they pay the difference at your hotel. 

View Sponteous on Mews Marketplace 


Toast POS 

Toast is an all-in-one restaurant management platform designed for restaurants of all sizes. It’s a single software platform for point of sale, digital ordering, reporting, and even employee management. 

If you’re already on Mews, you can seamlessly integrate your property with your Toast account to post orders to guest profiles and automate the transfer of revenue and payment information into your Mews Accounting report. Room charging and revenue sync are also fully supported. 

View Toast POS on Mews Marketplace 


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