Paperless hotels are the new normal. They help hoteliers meet guest expectations and stay competitive in an industry increasingly driven by technology and innovation. With a more modern and streamlined experience, hotels can attract and retain guests who value this type of service.

Let's explore the benefits of going paperless with PMS technology. By embracing digital transformation, hotels can improve their operations, reduce costs and enhance the guest experience.

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How can hotels go paperless with Mews?

As a cloud-based hospitality Property Management System, Mews enables hotels to manage and optimize their operations through a single platform. With its advanced features and solutions, Mews can help hotels go paperless by digitizing and streamlining processes. Read on to get inspired by hotels that have gone paperless with Mews. 

Digital check-in and check-out

Hotels running on Mews can offer a seamless digital check-in and check-out experience, which guests can complete from their devices or using Mews Kiosks. No paper trail, no long queues – it's all managed from the PMS platform. 

Upon completing their online registration and payment, guests receive a digital key. Digital registration cards are safer, faster, and more eco-friendly. They also help reduce human error. Going digital is not only better for the environment, but it's also better for your staff performance and guest satisfaction.   

Electronic guest communication 

Gone are the days of direct marketing when you would send mailed catalogs and special promotions. Mews allows you to communicate with guests electronically and engage with guests before, during and after their stay. From welcome letters and room service digital ordering to in-room communication and booking activities through a virtual concierge, all communication can be 100% paperless. 

Mews POS

Mews POS is fully connected to the PMS, supporting multiple tasks, from managing staff and inventory to digital orders. It offers integrated payments, automatically updated in the guest profile, making the whole process smooth, contactless and paperless.  

Since Mews operates on a cloud, hoteliers can access information from anywhere rather than having to print out inventory reports. To place digital orders, guests can use a QR code. There's no need for menus or print-out receipts, as orders synchronize with the guest profile and can be settled at the end of the stay. 


Mews PMS offers different solutions, such as modern housekeeping that makes paper outdated. Instead of leaving notes and checking off clean rooms, Mews’ housekeeping app allows paperless task management on the move. Real-time reporting stops the need for printing out a list of rooms that have yet to be cleaned. Instead, staff can see live room status and check-ins in the app, eliminating paper-based reports and documentation. 

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paperless hotels using pms

Self-service kiosk 

Another way Mews can help you go paperless is with a check-in kiosk. Less front desk waiting times and more guest satisfaction? That's what Mews Kiosk is about – no need for printed receipts or paper registration cards. Guests can scan their IDs and sign documents digitally, meaning the front desk isn't wasting time on tedious admin work.


What are the benefits of a paperless hotel?

Paperless hotels have many benefits: cost savings, improved efficiency, enhanced data security and an improved guest experience. Adopting technology and embracing digital transformation allows hotels to stay competitive and evolve to meet the guests' needs.   

It’s more efficient

Keeping track of paper records and printed documentation is exhausting. Going digital means all your hotel's operations can be stored on the cloud. Having easy access to guest records allows you to streamline the check-in and check-out processes, reducing wait times. 

Reduced manual work

Paperless systems can automate repetitive tasks and reduce the risk of errors. Mews makes night audits obsolete – your system automatically moves to the next day without any downtime. You no longer need to review paperwork, night charges and audit reports. All information is instantly processed and stored safely on the cloud. 

Reduced environmental impact

Reduced paper usage supports sustainable practices, which have become one of the most critical factors in guest loyalty. The fewer documents to print, the less paper waste is generated, making your hotel eco-friendlier. This encourages reforestation and helps reduce carbon emissions. 

Enhanced data security

Paperless systems are more secure than traditional paper-based systems since they can be encrypted, and password protected to avoid data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information. With cloud-based systems, you can avoid data loss due to hardware failure or natural disasters.  

Better guest experience

Paperless systems are more secure than traditional paper-based systems. They can be encrypted and password protected to avoid data breaches and unauthorized access to sensitive information. Cloud-based systems prevent data loss caused by hardware failures or natural disasters.


Going paperless with the help of a modern PMS has so many benefits for hotels and their guests. We covered increased efficiency, enhanced data security, reduced environmental impact and a better guest experience. Paperless hotels also have more streamlined and efficient operations, opening the door to more profitability. 


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