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A message about Coronavirus, from Matt and Richard

A message from Matt and Richard, Mews CEO and Founder, about the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19 – and what we can do to help.

Allotments - Demand Your Release Now!

Why Mews PMS does not have a feature that allows allotments. CEO Matthijs Welle discusses allotments and wholesalers vs freesale.

Introducing the Mews Entrepreneur Programme

Why would you leave a corporate career for life in a startup? Most talented people are locked up in corporate hotel jobs and may not want to take a risk on their career as we did in our early days. To

The Trouble with Being an Oracle and Why the Move to a Cloud Mindset is Always Painful

When Oracle purchased Micros back in 2014 for %5,3 billion, they gave us all the expectation (and instilled a fear in companies like ours) that they were taking this industry-leading products and were

Offering a 90s Guest Experience to your Guests in 2017

Last week I checked into one of Europe's most forward-thinking luxury boutique hotel brands. Being a hotelier myself, I am always on the lookout to see how hotel's website lines up with the experience

People of Mews - introducing Ilse, Director of Operations

After many years of trying, we finally convinced Ilse to leave her steady career at Sabre and come strengthen the Mews team with her talents.

Mews Systems Raises €1.5m to Accelerate and Innovate Hotel Management

Amsterdam, 22 November 2016. Mews Systems announces that it has successfully raised a 1.5m EUR investment from Axivate Capital, to help accelerate the growth of its Property Management Platform

7 Changes to Make an Instant Improvement Across Every Department

Since we're hoteliers, we wanted to design our PMS in a way that it would not only be a partner for your operational flow, but utilising the power of a connected data infrastructure, becoming also a p


Hotels are paying the price for inadequate security, and largely further enriching the OTAs in the process.