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Miap is a web and mobile app that allows guests in hotels to access the restaurant & room service menus directly from their smartphones, and order.


Orders are sent directly to the kitchen / restaurant via the POS system or Miap autonomous printers. The orders information are also automatically sent to the PMS directly in Mews. Guests can enjoy their orders directly served in their room, at the bar or in the restaurant without waiting. The payment can be done through Miap or at check-out. At Miap we have been strongly focused on reducing the waiting time of guests in restaurants in order to optimize their experience and maximize their satisfaction. We are today active in restaurants across France and Portugal, and continuing to be integrated in new ones. With the deployment of our app in the hotels industry through a full integration with Mews, we're making a bigger step towards reaching our goal: optimize the customers’ fooding journey! Supported features: 1. Access the menu of the room service (or the restaurant of the hotel) 2. Make your choice and have your order sent directly to the kitchen (or the restaurant of the hotel), through one simple click ! 3. Option : pay directly on the app with your credit card 4. Have your food served in your room (or directly at your table of the restaurant of the hotel)

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