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Need help pricing your hotel rooms.

PricingService.Ai offers a fully automated, AI-native, pricing service that will automatically update your hotel room pricing every few hours. Our first Mews hotel went live in December 2021 and that hotel General Manager has not set a single price since.

We leverage similar Machine Learning algorithms typically found at leading companies such as Amazon and Uber. Spend more time with guests and associates and leave your hotel room pricing to the most advanced AI platform in hospitality.

Give us a try - we offer free, 90-day trials!


  • Most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in hospitality
  • Fully automated - no new systems to learn
  • Tightly integrated with Mews since 2021
  • Our pricing service runs 24 x 7 x 365
  • Dynamic pricing automatically adjusts to changes in guest demand, weather, competitor pricing, local events, etc.

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