SALTO JustIN allows guests to have mobile access to their room via Bluetooth Low Energy locks.


Upon check-in, a staff member can activate mobile access in Mews, allowing guests to use the application as a key.

The app communicates securely via the cloud and enables guests to receive their room key online, anytime, anywhere. That means that when guests arrive at your hotel, they can choose to go straight to their room thanks to the key on their phone, perfect for a contact-free experience. It also means no more time and money wasted dealing with lost keys, and its flexibility means that you don't just have to use if for hotel room doors: the app can also be used with access points such as main entrance doors, elevators, car park barriers, and meeting rooms.

  • Room access via an Android/IOS mobile phone
  • Encrypted data transfers and anti-cloning technology for total security
  • Improve the guest experience with other features such as instant extended stay and personalized promotions

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