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Industry  |  15 April 2021

Evolution of Hospitality: your questions answered

If you missed our Evolution of Hospitality webinar, the first in the Future of Hospitality series, don’t worry – you can catch up here.  

Industry, Product  |  13 April 2021

How to benefit from Google Hotel Search with Mews

The latest shake up in the world of online bookings comes from a little-known tech company called (let me check my notes...) Google. You might...

Industry, Product  |  8 April 2021

How to create the best hotel booking confirmation email for guests

Sometimes it’s the little things that elevate a good guest experience to a great one. Emails are the perfect example. Every hotelier sends emails...

Industry  |  31 March 2021

Everything you need to know about PSD2 and Mews

Every so often, a new piece of legislation comes along that causes headaches and restless nights for businesses. You probably remember the endless...

Industry, Product, Featured  |  30 March 2021

The Metrics that Matter | Download the free report

Every hotel generates a wealth of data. A veritable ocean of it, in fact. But how do you know what the most important, relevant metrics are for...

Industry, Product  |  29 March 2021

March’s new Mews integrations

A connected ecosystem is much stronger than one that stands on its own. That’s why Mews continues to seek out the best solutions in hospitality...

Industry  |  25 March 2021

10 super simple ways to improve guest experience

Meeting and exceeding your guests’ expectations is the gold standard of the hospitality industry. The problem is, hoteliers are constantly...

Company, Industry  |  17 March 2021

Options are seed investments: our approach to employee ownership

For a long time, as a Founder, I struggled what to think of options. For the first few years, while Mews struggled and ground out growth, I spent...

Industry, Product  |  16 March 2021

What went wrong at the Hotel California?

Hotel California is a great song. We all know it, we all love it. However, it doesn’t exactly paint the hotel industry in a good light. The poor...

Industry  |  11 March 2021

Embracing blended living: how software is changing the work/life balance

Technology is leading a generational mindset change about how we compartmentalize our lives. Mews founder, Richard Valtr, considers the...

Industry  |  10 March 2021

How to increase revenue with day use hotel rooms

There are two ways of looking at the world: binary thinking and spectrum thinking. The binary on/off, yes/no mindset is comforting because it’s...

Industry  |  5 March 2021

Learn or die: tools and tips for proactive learning

This article originally appeared on the Mews Developers blog.
At work, do you need to be a stronger weightlifter to outdo more senior guys? Not...

Industry  |  4 March 2021

Government hospitality grants: a round-up of digitalization funding

Given the unprecedented disruption of Covid-19, many governments have set up special programs or grants to help out beleaguered businesses. One of...

Industry  |  1 March 2021

8 advantages of self service kiosks for hotels

Before we get to all the perks of hotel kiosks, let’s take a moment to clearly define and understand their importance within the hospitality...

Industry  |  24 February 2021

What are the differences between yield management and revenue management?

Understanding the difference between yield management and revenue management is important. Although they share some similarities, they are...

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