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The next generation of hospitality: insights from the class of 2020

Six hospitality graduates from 2020 talk to us about how they think COVID-19 has changed the industry and what changes they’d like to see in the future.

Track the latest coronavirus hotel data

The Mews COVID-19 hospitality dashboard lets you track the latest coronavirus hotel data through travel industry trends including bookings, cancellations and relevant stock prices.

Hotel night audit automation: a better way to work

Discover how automation and fresh thinking can make traditional hotel night audits a thing of the past, while saving you time and cutting manual errors.

How to boost your hotel ranking on TripAdvisor and other review platforms to consider

Find out how properties are ranked on TripAdvisor and discover how to boost your TripAdvisor hotel rating with six simple tips.

The Word in Hospitality podcast | Highlights from episode 1

The theme for our first conversation is ‘adapt’, and we’re joined by Calvin Anderson of Domio, Rami Zeidan of Life House, and Charlie MacGregor of The Student Hotel.

The contact-free hotel: A vision of the new hospitality

Guest health and safety has never been more important. One of the ways that hospitality can recover is by introducing contact-free hotels.

Maintaining the art of hospitality in a post-COVID world

The heightened health and safety measures as a result of COVID-19 mean that hotels need to adapt – but they can’t lose the human touch that’s integral to hospitality.

What does great hospitality look like?

Our CPO went on holiday and had a reminder of what great hospitality is all about – and that’s exactly what we’re trying to enable with Mews.

Raiders of the lost content

How can you solve the problem of hostel distribution content?