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All You Need to Know About Upselling and Cross-Selling

The ultimate must-read guide to using the mightiest upselling and cross-selling techniques for hotels that will keep your guests coming back time and time again.

How to Profit from the Experience-craving Consumer - Part 1: Upselling

It turns out that we derive more enjoyment from purchasing experiences than physical products and the further in advance we book them the more pleasure we get. So make the most of this human psycholog

How Hotels and Hostels can Supercharge Direct Bookings

Better website design, personalisation and improved marketing tactics are finally being utilised to orchestrate the counter attack against OTA's dominance within the hospitality industry.

Why Saving the Planet with Free Pizza is the Modern Way of Upselling

We have invited Erik from Oaky to write a guest-blog. We have seen a tremendous interest in their product in the last weeks since they went live with their connection to the Mews PMS.

Mews and Oaky are Transforming the Way Hotels Serve Millennial Travellers

Today's travellers are accustomed to receiving a more personalised and on-demand experience. They now expect that their accommodation provides are able to provide the services which cater to this.


Hotels are paying the price for inadequate security, and largely further enriching the OTAs in the process.

We Upgraded our Booking Engine. You Won't Believe What Happened Next

The point about conversions online, is that they will only happen if you go out of your way not to introduce moments of doubt or data-entry fatigue (“Oh, I have to go and get my passport for this p

How, Expedia and TripAdvisor are Helping Hotels Drive More Direct Bookings!

If you've visited the Internet lately, it's not hard to find AdWords ads from, Expedia or TripAdvisor. Big spenders! But how can hotels benefit from the Billboard effect that OTA's provide

7 Ways How Hotels Can Use Stay Data to Instantly Improve Sales

When I first started in a commercial role in hotels about 10 years ago, I remember the data-gaps in our knowledge, based on which we had to make serious business decisions.