Accept guest payments quickly, easily and securely

We do everything we can to make accepting cards as fast, painless and secure as possible. We’re here to make sure you get paid quickly and stay safe, without having to worry about it.

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No hidden fees
No hidden fees

You only pay when you make a sale. We do not hide fees in small print jargon

No merchant accounts required
No merchant accounts required

You can sign up and start taking payments via Mews directly

No extra stress
No extra stress

Payment dispute? Just provide evidence and our experts will review and upload it for you

Less transactional, more guest-focused

Online payments for the hospitality industry are the future. Less procedure means more time for human interaction, and that’s why we've automated everything for you.
  • A PCI DSS compliant system
  • A fully integrated payment solution
  • Virtual card detection
  • Streamlined check-ins / check-outs
  • Central payment reconciliation
  • Automated email receipts to guests
Fast payments, every time

Fast payments, every time

Whilst you’re busy spending time with your guests, the Merchant takes care of ensuring that payments are processed automatically. It also provides a real-time overview of your payment activity and inventory updates.


We take PCI DSS compliance seriously, and security is firmly engineered into the Mews Merchant.

To ensure that both your and your guests’ data remain safe, we use credit card tokenization. This means that no raw data sits in the property management system.

We store all credit card numbers in a virtual vault and only the tokens appear across all touchpoints in Mews.

“The Mews Merchant is an absolute must-have for card storage and automatic settlements.”

Christina Lehn, Bristol Sunset Beach - Fuerteventura, Spain

One-click payments

One-click payments

Tokenization removes the need to repeatedly ask for your guests’ credit card details.

Once a guest or an online travel agency has provided you with their credit card details, Mews will store them securely in the form of a token. Once you have this token, one-click payments are easy.

Instant, integrated payments with Mews Terminals

Mews Terminals are flexible, plug and play card readers fully integrated to Mews Merchant, enabling a seamless payment process for your staff and your guests.

  • No upfront fees
  • Full integration with Mews Operator Kiosk
  • Minimize human errors and duplicate billing
See our terminals
Terminal - Mews - Merchant

Simple. Smart. Safe.

  • No long-term contracts or early termination fees
  • Real-time analytics built in
  • End-to-end encryption
  • No set-up fees

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Mews Merchant?

    The Mews Merchant enables frictionless payments, reduces fraud and improves security with sophisticated payment technology. It's our integrated payment solution that drives efficiency and helps you create a great guest experience in your hotel.

  • What is payment automation?

    Payment automation is your key to unlocking the guest experience of the future. Using Mews Merchant, the payment process is handled by the system before or after the guest has stayed at your property, by charging the credit card they provided when making the booking.

  • What payment types can I accept through Mews Merchant

    Currently the Merchant supports Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Accepting other card types can be discussed with our sales team. We are constantly doing research and increasing acceptance of all major card types.

  • What is credit card tokenization?

    Credit card tokenization is a process whereby credit card numbers are stored in a virtual vault. Once a guest or an online travel agency has provided you with their credit card details, Mews will store them securely in the form of a token, and only the tokens appear across all touchpoints in Mews. This is vital for PCI DSS compliance and ensuring data security across your system, and means that no raw data sits in our property management system.

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