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Supercharge your revenue management strategy with Duetto

As a cloud-based big data company for the hospitality industry, Duetto offers hoteliers a suite of solutions that focus on sharing the most up-to-date information across departments so everyone can make better decisions.

Raiders of the lost content

How can you solve the problem of hostel distribution content?

Enhance the guest experience and increase in-stay revenue with Criton

Find out how Criton helps hotels and serviced apartment operators to wrap all guest-facing technology into a sophisticated, white-labelled mobile app.

Boost direct bookings and embrace automated communication with HiJiffy

Find out how HiJiffy's AI-powered chatbot and communication platform for hotels can automate guest communications and boost customer satisfaction.

What's new with hotel door locks?

We take a deep dive into the latest hotel door lock developments in the hospitality industry. Why is change so slow and what’s the solution to improve mobile key adoption?

Hotel hacks to run a modern, profitable property

What can you do to make your hotel more profitable and improve your guest experience? Try these five hotel hacks.

Expand your property’s online reach with RoomCloud

Find out how RoomCloud can offer your property a complete range of distribution products at a competitive price!

The Future of Hotel Rate Distribution: getting back on track

How can we innovate with hotel rate distribution? By taking lessons from locomotion and applying them to the hotel industry. Naturally.

Set the perfect room price automatically with Atomize

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