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Automated and Smart Parking Solutions with Avutec Gatekeeper

AVUTEC's Gatekeeper technology connects with Mews Commander to automatically detect licence plates and open parking barriers for guests.

Maintaining the art of hospitality in a post-COVID world

The heightened health and safety measures as a result of COVID-19 mean that hotels need to adapt – but they can’t lose the human touch that’s integral to hospitality.

The future of hospitality after the Coronavirus

In part three of our blog series, we ask Thibauld Catala, James Lemon and Kevin Machefert about the future of hospitality after Coronavirus.

Preparing for the hospitality upturn after Coronavirus

In the second part of our webinar follow-ups, we speak with Thibaut, James and Kevin Machefert about plans for the post-COVID hospitality upturn.

New hospitality trends and developments after the Coronavirus

The Mews team catch up with Thibauld Catala, James Lemon and Kevin Machefert to talk about new trends in hospitality after COVID-19

React, respond, recover: the highlights from Siteminder’s webinar

Get the latest COVID-19 hospitality data, short-term actions, and long-term thinking from Siteminder’s hospitality and the coronavirus webinar.

The trick to cutting credit card fraud: combine process with people | Machefert Group

Kevin Machefert of the Macherfert Group talks about how Mews helped them cut card fraud and adopt Amazon-style easy payments.

The Hotels for Helpers story | An interview with creator Mitch Spelten

Hotels for Helpers creator and Mews Customer Success Director, Mitch Spelten, has been a very busy man. We caught up with him about the initiative, how it began and where it’s going.

The power of connected hotel tech | Grand Hotel ter Duin

The Grand Hotel der Duin is the perfect example of our open technology philosophy put into practice. Jelle Landman, General Manager, will tell you more.