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30 June 2021

June's new Mews integrations

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean our integrations team has downed tools and set up their deck chairs on the beach; they’re still hard at work...

2 minute read

Industry  |  29 June 2021

What went wrong at the Shining's Overlook Hotel?

Mews is on a mission to help even the most challenging of hotels transform their operations and enhance the guest experience. I already took a...

4 minute read

Industry, Product  |  24 June 2021

How to nail hotel upselling and boost ancillary revenue

Think of the last few orders from your favourite Mexican or Italian take-away. How often did you go for that extra guacamole, the dough balls or...

6 minute read

Company, Industry  |  23 June 2021

Queer hospitality: the LGBTQI+ experience in our industry

Some people don’t understand that Pride is still necessary. That writing posts like this are still necessary. Just as I don't know what it’s like...

5 minute read

Industry  |  16 June 2021

Celebrating Pride Month: Pride charities you can support

Although Pride Month is largely a time of celebration, it also acts as an important reminder to consider those in the LGBTQI+ community who are...

3 minute read

Industry  |  14 June 2021

What is hotel competition analysis and how do you carry it out perfectly?

A hotel competition analysis is fundamental in the hospitality industry because the success of your hotel depends on getting things right, such as...

4 minute read

Industry  |  10 June 2021

12 best ways to go green in the hotel industry

Are you a hotelier looking to go green? Hotels in today’s world must consider more sustainable methods of operating as one of the most important...

5 minute read

8 June 2021

Automation, housekeeping and you: how to optimize your hotel housekeeping

Barely anything had changed in hospitality housekeeping over the past decades. But thanks to Covid, even departments that hadn’t seen big shifts...

4 minute read

Industry  |  7 June 2021

What are hotel aggregators and how do they work?

A hotel aggregator is a business that rents a hotel on lease, and in exchange takes over operational duties and marketing for the hotels. The...

3 minute read

Industry  |  4 June 2021

Top 5 reservation software for small hotels in 2021

Reservation software for small hotels can be a game changer in the hospitality industry, especially if you’re looking for easy integrated...

4 minute read

Industry  |  3 June 2021

The best ways to make interactive hotel experiences for guests

Making your hotel interactive is a way of setting your property apart from the competition by providing one-of-a-kind experiences. Now that...

5 minute read

Industry  |  2 June 2021

How can hotel guest engagement strategies help your hotel?

Guest engagement is a strategy that can be used to influence potential client behavior, especially to drive hotel bookings and increase brand...

4 minute read

Industry  |  1 June 2021

Why is hotel rate parity important in the hospitality industry?

Hotel rate parity is important in the hospitality industry because it provides price transparency to consumers, and ensures that customers see the...

4 minute read

Industry  |  31 May 2021

How to open or start your own hostel, step by step

If you’re interested in how to start a hostel, there are a lot of things you need to have in mind. For starters, location is key. The location...

4 minute read

Industry  |  30 May 2021

How your property can sell or change a nonrefundable hotel reservation

Nonrefundable rates are a strategy hotels use to help reduce cancellations and secure payments upfront. It sounds simple, but we all know that the...

4 minute read

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