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Industry, Product  |  16 March 2021

What went wrong at the Hotel California?

Hotel California is a great song. We all know it, we all love it. However, it doesn’t exactly paint the hotel industry in a good light. The poor...

Industry  |  11 March 2021

Embracing blended living: how software is changing the work/life balance

Technology is leading a generational mindset change about how we compartmentalize our lives. Mews founder, Richard Valtr, considers the...

Industry  |  10 March 2021

How to increase revenue with day use hotel rooms

There are two ways of looking at the world: binary thinking and spectrum thinking. The binary on/off, yes/no mindset is comforting because it’s...

Company  |  8 March 2021

Women in tech | Mews CMO, Leah Anathan, on bridging the gender gap

This year’s International Women’s Day falls on Monday the 8th of March, and the theme is #ChooseToChallenge. We caught up with Leah Anathan, CMO...

Industry  |  5 March 2021

Learn or die: tools and tips for proactive learning

This article originally appeared on the Mews Developers blog.
At work, do you need to be a stronger weightlifter to outdo more senior guys? Not...

Industry  |  4 March 2021

Government hospitality grants: a round-up of digitalization funding

Given the unprecedented disruption of Covid-19, many governments have set up special programs or grants to help out beleaguered businesses. One of...

Industry  |  2 March 2021

6 advantages of using a central reservation system (CRS)

The advantages of central reservation systems (CRS) in the hospitality industry go beyond efficiency in booking and reservation. The data...

Industry  |  1 March 2021

8 advantages of self service kiosks for hotels

Before we get to all the perks of hotel kiosks, let’s take a moment to clearly define and understand their importance within the hospitality...

Company, Product, Featured  |  26 February 2021

Our vision to reimagine the future of guest experiences

It’s our unshakable belief that there's always a better way. A better way for guests to book and interact with products and services. A better way...

Industry  |  24 February 2021

What are the differences between yield management and revenue management?

Understanding the difference between yield management and revenue management is important. Although they share some similarities, they are...

Industry  |  22 February 2021

What are the differences between CRS and GDS in the hotel industry?

Once you understand the difference between CRS and GDS, you can increase the exposure of your hotel to travel agencies, OTAs and metasearch...

Industry  |  19 February 2021

How do you reduce hotel operating costs? What's the best strategy?

Rising hotel operating costs can significantly affect your bottom line. Managing expenses, therefore, is critical in ensuring long-term financial...

Company, Industry  |  18 February 2021

The 15 places we’d most like to visit in 2021

Let’s face it: it hasn’t exactly been a brilliant last 12 months. But while the world has changed, our innate desire to travel remains...

Industry  |  16 February 2021

What is a hotel property management system and what are the benefits of a..

A hotel PMS unifies several key elements of a hotel back office and front-desk, within a single software system. This software can provide guest...

Industry  |  15 February 2021

Effective strategies to set up the best hotel loyalty programs

Loyal clients are what all hotels strive for. The more loyal the client, the less likely they are to switch to another brand, and hotel loyalty...

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