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Company  |  18 May 2021

Remote working: a way forward in the new normal

Remote working isn’t new to the technology industry. We’ve been working this way in one guise or another for a couple of decades at least. What’s...

18 May 2021

Mews is heading to NoVacancy 2021: Australia are you ready?

It feels like the first day of school. Or like we’re finally being allowed out again to see our friends after being grounded for over a year. ...

Industry  |  15 May 2021

How to manage your hotel staff and improve productivity

A hotel is only as powerful as its hotel staff. By successfully managing your employees, you can improve productivity and ensure consistent...

Industry  |  14 May 2021

Types of hotel security data breaches and how to protect your property

With the advent of technology comes a responsibility on behalf of hoteliers to be aware and protect against a possible hotel data breach. A data...

Industry  |  13 May 2021

The world’s most innovative hotels

As hospitality innovators ourselves, we're always on the lookout for the world's most innovative hotels. Game recognizes game. We've put together...

Industry, Product  |  12 May 2021

How to create the best hotel pre-arrival emails

It’s easy to dismiss the hotel pre-arrival email as a nice to have. After all, you’ve already emailed these guests with their booking...

11 May 2021

The hotels that inspired us in 2020/2021

It’s easy to do good and be generous when times are easy. Going the extra mile when times are tough is the real mark of heroism. The last year has...

Industry  |  10 May 2021

The 12 best hotel pricing strategies to increase your revenue in 2021

There are many hotel pricing strategies that can be used to increase your revenue. Having the right room rates plays an important role in...

Industry  |  9 May 2021

10 best ways of greeting guests in the perfect hotel welcome

First impressions can make or break a guest’s experience, and the way in which you are greeting guests is very important as it is the first point...

Industry  |  8 May 2021

Best 10 online travel agents (OTAs) to boost hotel bookings

If you’re a hotelier looking to boost hotel bookings, then you should look to OTAs. With OTAs, hotels can increase revenue, although this revenue...

Industry  |  7 May 2021

6 most important benefits of mobile check in for hotels

Mobile check in for hotels is the wave of the future. Not only is it more efficient for hotels (and guests), but it is also a way to stand out...

6 May 2021

Incident management for 10+ cross-functional teams

This article originally appeared on the Mews Developers blog.

Industry  |  6 May 2021

April's new Mews integrations

It’s impossible to be the best at everything. Believe us, we’ve tried. But one thing we’re sure we’re best at is connecting with other amazing...

Industry  |  5 May 2021

How TRevPAR can benefit your hotel and how to calculate this metric

As a hotelier it’s fundamental to understand the TRevPAR calculation in order to measure the overall health of your property or the market in...

Product  |  4 May 2021

Accept iDEAL payments with Mews

At Mews, we’re delighted to announce our latest integration with online payment provider iDEAL, a much-anticipated connection for our Dutch...

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