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People of Mews: Ria De Temmerman, Planet Winner founder – part 1

We spoke to Ria about what it was like to be one of the first woman programmers in hospitality, and how she built her own PMS from nothing.

Mews Iberia celebrates its 222nd hotel

We’ve welcomed our 222nd hotel to the Mews Iberia team. Here’s how the Spanish dream all began...

What does great hospitality look like?

Our CPO went on holiday and had a reminder of what great hospitality is all about – and that’s exactly what we’re trying to enable with Mews.

The hotel that led me to Mews

“I really wanted to be part of something incredible. Something I believe in,” says Rosta Sikora as he looks back at how a hotel led him to Mews. Rosta now works as Sales Executive for the North America region, and wants to know if you’re ready to bring your property to the next level.