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Industry, Product  |  10 May 2022

Maximizing your property's full potential: download your free guide

You know the theory that we only use 10% of our brains? Well, the same can be said for hotels and lodging. 

2 minute read

Industry  |  17 February 2022

We Need to Talk about Payments: download your free guide

How many payment methods do you accept at your hotel? Do you know your 3DS from your NFC? If these questions leave you scratching your head, it’s...

3 minute read

Industry, Product  |  17 January 2022

Rethinking spaces with Mews: long stay accommodation

Long stays have become one of the biggest trends in hospitality during the last two years. In their Report on Travel & Living, Airbnb mentions the...

7 minute read

Industry, Product  |  7 December 2021

Rethinking spaces with Mews: parking

For a property to fully maximize its revenue, you need to utilize its space in the most efficient way. This sounds simple, but historically it hasn’t...

3 minute read

Company, Industry  |  18 November 2021

Mews Unfold 2021: join the hospitality event of the year

“Hospitality has changed forever. Either you catch up now or risk being left behind.” 

2 minute read

Industry  |  29 September 2021

Understanding the Modern Guest: download your free guide

Change can be scary, but only if you’re unprepared for it. Today’s travelers have different expectations to those of ten years ago, and if you keep...

2 minute read

Industry, Product  |  7 July 2021

The Green Hotel of the Future: download our free guide

Could your property be doing more in its efforts to be sustainable? In all likelihood, the answer is yes. Going green has never been more important...

2 minute read

Industry, Product  |  30 March 2021

The Metrics that Matter | Download the free report

Every hotel generates a wealth of data. A veritable ocean of it, in fact. But how do you know what the most important, relevant metrics are for your...

2 minute read

Company, Product  |  26 February 2021

Our vision to reimagine the future of guest experiences

It’s our unshakable belief that there's always a better way. A better way for guests to book and interact with products and services. A better way...

7 minute read

 |  10 November 2020

We’re delighted to welcome Base7booking to the Mews family

Français | Deutsch

The acquisition from global travel platform trivago provides Base7booking customers with a specialist cloud-based property...

3 minute read

Company  |  27 October 2020

Welcome to the new Mews: the story of the rebrand

It’s 2012. In an unfinished hotel back office, Richard Valtr convinces a hotel owner to give him the money to build his own hotel guest solution,...

8 minute read

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