Local SEO for hotels: how to optimize for Google’s hotel map in 2021

Industry trends

3 Feb 2021

When a traveler is researching which hotel to stay at, one of their first ports of call is to Google: “hotel in [destination]”.

What is an overbooking strategy in hotels and what are its advantages?

Industry trends

1 Feb 2021

Overbooking in hotel management is widely practised in hospitality, despite being a divisive topic. It’s often seen as a necessary evil in the fight...

Mews product principles: explaining the logic behind our platform

Industry trends

28 Jan 2021

As software moves from on-premises to cloud, it's more and more important to understand not only what its current features are, but how it’s going to...

The importance of hotel branding and how to build an effective strategy

Industry trends

22 Jan 2021

Hotel branding goes beyond your name and your logo. It’s about communicating a set of values to your users, bringing the intangible elements of your...

Hotel PMS integration strategies: embracing a connected future

Industry trends

21 Jan 2021

It’s rare to get so many property management system leaders in the same conversation, and ROOMDEX’s hotel Integration Strategies webinar was lively,...

Hotel Reopening Diaries: EMA House

19 Jan 2021

While COVID-19 put much of the world on hold, EMA House Hotel Suites and Serviced Apartments in Zurich saw it as an opportunity to move their...

The best reads of 2020

Industry trends

14 Jan 2021

Although 2020 was a year to forget for many reasons, there are plenty of important learnings we can take from it. We looked through the data and...

What is RevPAR and RevPAR index and how do you calculate these metrics?

Industry trends

8 Jan 2021

The age of analytics has revolutionized the hospitality industry as much as it has any other. With the right metrics at your side, you can gain a...

5 hotel lobby design tips and why you should rethink yours

Industry trends

7 Jan 2021

Ask someone to shut their eyes and describe the typical hotel lobby design, and you’ll usually get the same answer: a soulless, empty space, polished...

Top 10 benefits and advantages of a hotel management system

Industry trends

5 Jan 2021

As technology continues its rapid advance across all industries around the world, hospitality is really beginning to see the benefits. Hotel...

Our 2020 in numbers | Mews year in review


16 Dec 2020

2020 isn’t likely to go down as one of our favourite numbers. It’s been a difficult year for everyone in hospitality, but despite the hardships we’ve...

Don't call us a PMS | Mews CEO, Matt Welle, on the changing world of..

Industry trends

8 Dec 2020

When Bob Dylan wrote one of the world’s most memorable protest songs, he definitely wasn’t singing about hospitality technology. But he might as well...

13 reasons to choose a cloud PMS for your hotel

Industry trends

1 Dec 2020

Back in the simpler times of 2018, a Fuel Travel survey found that 55% of hotel managers weren’t satisfied with their current property management...

How to choose the best revenue management systems for hotels

Industry trends

26 Nov 2020

Revenue Management Systems are nothing new – they’ve been around for decades. But it’s only in the last few years, with the introduction of smart...

What does the hotel of the future look like?

Industry trends

18 Nov 2020

Let’s allow ourselves to look beyond the near-future, beyond COVID-19, to where our industry should be aiming. So what will the next generation of...

We’re delighted to welcome Base7booking to the Mews family

10 Nov 2020

Français | Deutsch The acquisition from global travel platform trivago provides Base7booking customers with a specialist cloud-based property...

What is Mews Analytics? The business intelligence for the modern hotelier


3 Nov 2020

Data is the new gold. At least, that’s been the mantra of businesses around the world for the last few years. We actually think it’s true, but the...

Welcome to the new Mews: the story of the rebrand


27 Oct 2020

It’s 2012. In an unfinished hotel back office, Richard Valtr convinces a hotel owner to give him the money to build his own hotel guest solution,...

Hotel chargebacks: how they work and how to dispute them

Industry trends
Best practices

14 Oct 2020

Chargebacks have long been a problem for hoteliers. They’re an obstacle when it comes to profitability and the process to dispute hotel chargebacks...

Hotel Reopening Diaries: The Central House

3 Sep 2020

Although for many hoteliers around the world the slow recovery is already underway, there are many who still feel the struggle of a constantly...

Lessons from COVID-19: teaching hospitality during a pandemic

Industry trends

1 Sep 2020

In a recent blog, we interviewed a group of 2020 hospitality graduates to see how the next generation of hoteliers view the state of the industry....

The key to smooth onboarding with a new Property Management System


25 Aug 2020

"Our greatest fears lie in anticipation." – Honoré de Balzac.

The next generation of hospitality: insights from the class of 2020

Industry trends

13 Aug 2020

Hospitality stands on the cusp of change. Even before the events of the last few months, our industry was finally beginning to embrace technology en...

Hotel Reopening Diaries: The Dylan Amsterdam

29 Jul 2020

As hotels continue to open up around most of the world, we’re speaking to a variety of hoteliers to understand their decision-making process for...

Track the latest coronavirus hotel data

Industry trends

28 Jul 2020

Distilling the data In unprecedented times like these, it’s easy to feel a lack of control. Some of us may be in a position to help those battling...

Hotel Reopening Diaries: The Flushing Meadows

23 Jul 2020

Hotel Reopening Diaries talks to properties around the world about how they’ve been coping with the fallout from COVID-19. Although occupancy rates...

Hotel night audit automation: a better way to work

Industry trends

21 Jul 2020

The night audit. Three simple words that have the power to make hotel staff around the world shudder in anticipation of long hours spent on tedious,...

How rooming lists make group bookings a piece of cake


15 Jul 2020

It’s late morning. Your front desk has finished the morning rush of check-outs when the phone rings. Your reservations manager answers. ‘Hello?’...

People of Mews: Ria De Temmerman, Planet Winner founder – part 2


14 Jul 2020

Ria De Temmerman built her own PMS, Planet Winner, from scratch, managing the business with her husband Dirk for over 25 years.

How COVID-19 has forced us to do weightlifting as a SaaS company


13 Jul 2020

"There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happens "

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