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“The right integrations really add value to my PMS” | Hotel BIG MAMA Testimonial

28 Mar 2019

We sat down with David-Friedemann Henning, CEO of Hotel BIG MAMA,  to talk about the benefits of automation, integrations, and open APIs

Into Hospitality’s Future with Chatbots


19 Mar 2019

Chatbots are like Marmite (yes, that controversial, salty, British spread made from yeast extract): they’ve been around for longer than you may...

PMS and Hospitality SaaS Customer Support is Broken


12 Mar 2019

It’s always been a great irony that our company and industry defining palindrome - SaaS - is also one of the least inviting in the canon of English...

“The Mews Passport Scanner has sped things up immensely” | Northern Lights..

25 Jan 2019

We sat down with André Henke Marques, Resort Manager of the very unique Northern Lights Village in Finland, to talk flexibility, passport scanners,...

Hospitality Trends to Watch in 2019


17 Jan 2019


“Mews Payments is saving us 10 hours a week of tedious admin work” | Good Hotel..

12 Dec 2018

The GM of London’s floating Good Hotel, Liutauras Vaitkevicius, on how the Mews Payments tool has made payment automation the new norm, and why it's...

Mews 2018 Summit: Pitchmania


21 Nov 2018

The Mews Marketplace stole its share of the spotlight at the 2018 edition of our annual summit, and quite rightly so! Nine tech-savvy speakers from...

Mews 2018 Summit Expert Panel: The Future of Payments


24 Oct 2018

The problem of payment bottlenecking in hotels was one of the reasons why Richard Valtr founded Mews, and he invited two industry experts, Edward...

Mews 2018 Summit Expert Panel: Tech vs Tech


15 Oct 2018

Ultra-connected hotels already exist, thanks to the IOT. We invited some key hospitality figures to our recent Back To The Hospitality Future summit...

Why Oracle Must Hate Oracle Hospitality


6 Sep 2018

Richard Valtr, Founder of Mews Systems, writes about why he feels that software giant Oracle’s hospitality division contradicts its technology...

"Mews knows the difference between beds and rooms" | Wombat's Hostels..

3 Sep 2018

Practically located in five of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Wombat's Hostels pride themselves on offering the ultimate hostel experience in Berlin,...

"We can't stop using the task feature"

31 Aug 2018

Tucked away in a quiet road behind the shimmering towers of London’s Canary Wharf lies a hotel oft frequented by business travellers and...

The pointless stuff hotels still do


20 Aug 2018

We’ve seen plenty of hotels, hostels and apartments in our time and we often find ourselves wondering why so many still hold on so adamantly...

The Future of Payments with Hotel2Stay


12 Jul 2018

A glimpse into the future at Amsterdam's forward thinking Hotel2Stay who have now completely automated their guest payments using the Mews...

“Mews helps make us more than a hostel”

11 Jul 2018

  AccorHotels have just rolled out their most innovative hostel brand to date and it goes by the name of JO & JOE. But the properties are no...

"The future looks like a hometel"

5 Jun 2018

The Lamington Group have just rolled out their latest innovative room2 concept on the southern coast of the UK and the place is armed to the...

Mews Raises €6 million to take Hospitality into the Future


5 Jun 2018

We just closed our largest fundraise yet and we aren’t just spending that cash on more sales people. We’re over-investing in the two areas we...

Who's Afraid of Payment Automation?


22 May 2018

Manually hotel processing payments is the single biggest drain on time and manpower for any hospitality operation so we decided to do a...

No More Manual Reporting


7 May 2018

Quick read - Reports shouldn’t have to be produced manually nor should you have to wait to be able to access them. It’s 2018 and with a...

How to Embrace Negative Feedback at your Hotel


13 Apr 2018

Quick read - Research shows the effect of reviews on hotel conversion rates and pricing is massive with travellers four times more likely to...

Why Open Platforms Do It Better


28 Mar 2018

Quick read - A closed one-stop-shop PMS is fundamentally limited, doomed to inefficiency and, ultimately, more costly (hidden interface fees...

The New Mews Operator: your reception kiosk on steroids!


2 Mar 2018

At Mews we have long been obsessed with ensuring hotel guests never have to wait and, with the launch of the Mews Operator, we are taking a...

An Open Letter to the OTAs : are you the dinosaurs now?


1 Mar 2018

Dear OTAs,   As ex-hoteliers that first used your platforms when you were young startups much like we are today, we recognise that you once...

Boosting Yield with Mews and Hotel Scienz


22 Feb 2018

We are excited to announce that Mews Systems and Xotels are collaborating to make revenue management great again! Xotel’s Hotel Scienz ...

GDPR - a Blessing in Disguise


2 Feb 2018

What is GDPR? In a nutshell, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all about your guests’ privacy rights. Importantly, it is not...

Hotel Trends Transforming the Guest Experience in 2018


5 Jan 2018

Every year, the colour experts at the Pantone Colour Institute read the proverbial tea leaves and proclaim a colour of the year. For those...

Ruben Westmeijer Joins Mews as Director of Partnerships


2 Jan 2018

Mews Systems has expanded its core team with the appointment of Ruben Westmeijer as Director of Partnerships. Working closely with the senior...

Modern Accounting for Modern Hotels


21 Dec 2017

In the hospitality industry, accounting is often one of the most technologically antiquated departments. Stacks of invoices and labour...

The Best of 2017


13 Dec 2017

As 2017 comes to a close we wanted to look back and reflect on our fifth year at Mews and how far we have come in our mission to change the...

How to Find the Right Price


4 Dec 2017

90 percent of the world’s properties still don’t use a proper hotel revenue management software despite the potential revenue uplift it could...

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