The world’s most innovative hotels

Industry trends

13 May 2021

As hospitality innovators ourselves, we're always on the lookout for the world's most innovative hotels. Game recognizes game. We've put together...

How to create the best hotel pre-arrival emails

Marketing & distribution

12 May 2021

It’s easy to dismiss the hotel pre-arrival email as a nice to have. After all, you’ve already emailed these guests with their booking confirmation,...

The hotels that inspired us in 2020/2021

It’s easy to do good and be generous when times are easy. Going the extra mile when times are tough is the real mark of heroism. The last year has...

The 12 best hotel pricing strategies to increase your revenue in 2023

Best practices

10 May 2021

There are many hotel pricing strategies that can be used to increase your revenue. Having the right room rates plays an important role in generating...

11 best ways of greeting guests in the perfect hotel welcome

Guest experience

9 May 2021

First impressions can make or break a guest’s experience, and the way in which you are greeting guests is very important as it's the first point of...

Best 10 online travel agents (OTAs) to boost hotel bookings

Industry trends

8 May 2021

If you’re a hotelier looking to boost hotel bookings, then you should look to OTAs. With OTAs, hotels can increase revenue, although this revenue...

6 most important benefits of mobile check in for hotels


7 May 2021

Mobile check in for hotels is the wave of the future. Not only is it more efficient for hotels (and guests), but it is also a way to stand out...

Incident management for 10+ cross-functional teams

This article originally appeared on the Mews Developers blog.

April's new Mews integrations

Industry trends

6 May 2021

It’s impossible to be the best at everything. Believe us, we’ve tried. But one thing we’re sure we’re best at is connecting with other amazing...

How TRevPAR can benefit your hotel and how to calculate this metric

Industry trends

5 May 2021

As a hotelier it’s fundamental to understand the TRevPAR calculation in order to measure the overall health of your property or the market in...

Accept iDEAL payments with Mews


4 May 2021

At Mews, we’re delighted to announce our latest integration with online payment provider iDEAL, a much-anticipated connection for our Dutch hoteliers...

15 most important hotel technology trends for 2022

Industry trends

3 May 2021

Hotel technology is fundamental to improving the guest experience, saving time and even money. Hotels must be ready to adapt in order to remain...

The importance of the hotel curator in the future of hospitality

Industry trends

2 May 2021

A hotel curator is important to the future of hospitality because they help create one-of-a-kind experiences that make the hotel stand out in the...

Top 7 hotel marketing strategies to increase your bookings

Marketing & distribution

1 May 2021

A hotel marketing strategy starts with understanding your target audience and defining your objectives. Of course, your message won’t be the same for...

Best 10 hotel social media marketing strategies in 2022

Marketing & distribution

30 Apr 2021

Social media marketing for hotels is key to increasing visibility, boosting direct bookings, and improving brand awareness. With more and more guests...

Metasearch engines and how they work in the hospitality industry

Industry trends

29 Apr 2021

Metasearch engines started off as a way for potential guests to compare hotel room prices across different booking websites all in one place. Over...

How can a digital concierge benefit the hospitality industry?


28 Apr 2021

A digital concierge can benefit the hospitality industry by creating a seamless customer journey from the pre-booking phase through to post-stay....

How to go contact-free without sacrificing the guest experience


27 Apr 2021

What guests expect from economy hotels has changed drastically from the past. Travelers used to want a traditional no-frills stay. Today, they expect...

How can dynamic pricing improve your hotel revenue?

Industry trends

26 Apr 2021

Dynamic pricing in hotels is a strategy used to improve revenue and ensure maximum occupancy for the hotel based on supply and demand. It is also...

Best hotel booking sites in 2023

Industry trends

25 Apr 2021

Choosing the best hotel booking site is no easy task. Nowadays, there are a range of OTAs, metasearch engines, and even your own hotel’s website are...

How to improve your hotel operations processes

Best practices

24 Apr 2021

Having streamlined hotel operations processes is one of the most important elements of a successful hotel and a seamless guest experience. Guests...

How can hotel blogging help you in your marketing strategy?

Marketing & distribution

23 Apr 2021

One of the most important marketing strategies that any hotelier can put into practice and see results from is hotel blogging. A blog is one of the...

The values that guide us: defining Mews' culture


22 Apr 2021

What characterizes company culture at Mews? Put simply, it's the shared values, goals, attitudes and the behavioral norms that we hold ourselves...

Evolution of Hospitality: your questions answered

Industry trends

15 Apr 2021

If you missed our Evolution of Hospitality webinar, the first in the Future of Hospitality series, don’t worry – you can catch up here.

How to benefit from Google Hotel Search with Mews

Marketing & distribution

13 Apr 2021

The latest shake up in the world of online bookings comes from a little-known tech company called (let me check my notes...) Google. You might have...

11 hotel advertising strategies to increase your online presence

Industry trends
Marketing & distribution

12 Apr 2021

Hotel advertising has always been important, but with the advent of the internet, there has been a shift in the way people travel and most...

The best hotel Channel Managers in 2022

Industry trends

12 Apr 2021

Having the best product out there won't do you any good if your target audience can't find it. You know that, so you've partnered with online travel...

The best sustainability trends and initiatives for hotels

Industry trends

10 Apr 2021

What do sustainability, hotels and green initiatives all have in common? Green initiatives are practices that hotels put into action in order to be...

How to create the best hotel booking confirmation email for guests

Marketing & distribution

8 Apr 2021

Sometimes it’s the little things that elevate a good guest experience to a great one. Emails are the perfect example. Every hotelier sends emails to...

How to build a career framework like an RPG

This article originally appeared on theMews Developers blog.

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