The most important features of a hotel booking engine

Industry trends

10 Dec 2021

According to a study by Statista, 65% of revenue in the global tourism market comes from online sales channels. With the ever-rising prevalence of...

Unfold unpacked: five trends in hospitality

Industry trends

9 Dec 2021

Mews Unfold 2021 may be over, but the insights live on. If you missed any of our two-day hospitality extravaganza, you can wipe away those tears:...

Rethinking spaces with Mews: parking

Industry trends

7 Dec 2021

For a property to fully maximize its revenue, you need to utilize its space in the most efficient way. This sounds simple, but historically it hasn’t...

The rise of digital nomads: remote work and changing travel patterns

Industry trends

30 Nov 2021

I’d be very surprised if this is the first time you’re hearing about digital nomads. Just like hybrid working, staycations, and all things...

Impressions from FHT: five trends we noticed

Industry trends

23 Nov 2021

Although returning to in-person events this year has been overwhelmingly positive, there occasionally hasn’t been quite the same buzz or footfall...

7 hotel promotion ideas to increase your bookings

Industry trends

19 Nov 2021

Hotel promotion is an important part of boosting your property’s sales. Promotions are ideal to capture new guests and are a great way of targeting...

Mews Unfold 2021: join the hospitality event of the year

Industry trends

18 Nov 2021

“Hospitality has changed forever. Either you catch up now or risk being left behind.”

Transforming the guest journey with next-generation hospitality tech

Industry trends

17 Nov 2021

When Covid-19 brought much of our industry to its knees, one thing quickly became clear: hotel brands that were willing to innovate and transform...

What are the best strategies for hotel reputation management?

Industry trends

16 Nov 2021

Hotel reputation management is one of the most important tasks you have as a hotelier. This is because nowadays, your online reputation, both on...

What is a central reservation system (CRS) for the hotel industry?

Industry trends

15 Nov 2021

A central reservation system or CRS is a platform used in the hotel industry to centralize reservations, distribution, rates and inventory in real...

What are the 6 best contactless check-in softwares for hotels in 2022?

Industry trends

12 Nov 2021

Choosing the right hotel check-in software is without doubt one of the most important decisions your property can make. When doing so it’s important...

What is rate integrity and how can it increase your hotel direct bookings?

Industry trends

11 Nov 2021

Rate integrity is about finding the ideal balance between maintaining consistent prices while allowing for the flexibility to change those prices...

8 reasons why hotels should offer online check-in

Industry trends

10 Nov 2021

Are you thinking about letting guests check in online? Hotels can ramp up their hotel experience by simplifying and optimizing processes through the...

Mews and Accor: the future of hospitality

Industry trends

9 Nov 2021

Even in the darkest moments of last year, when the majority of hotels were shut and there was so much uncertainty amidst an unprecedented pandemic,...

What services and features should your hotel virtual concierge offer?

Industry trends

5 Nov 2021

The hotel concierge services list is almost infinite and with the right staff and the right tools, you can ensure that your services cater to your...

How can hotels use Snapchat to improve their marketing strategy?

Marketing & distribution

4 Nov 2021

Now more than ever, appealing to the millennial crowd is fundamental for the success of your hotel. Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and other social...

What went wrong at Club Tropicana?

Industry trends

3 Nov 2021

Club Tropicana was written in 1981, before Wham! were properly established as a band and a long time before the property management system revolution...

How to use Alexa and voice control speakers in the hotel industry?

Industry trends

2 Nov 2021

Alexa for hospitality and other voice-activated services are changing the way guests interact with their room and the services provided in-room....

How can early check-in and late check-out generate revenue for your hotel?

Industry trends

29 Oct 2021

One of the secrets to a successful hotel business is optimizing processes and making them as efficient as possible. You may wonder how a better...

What job positions can you find in the hotel industry?

Industry trends

28 Oct 2021

The employees of hotels are one of the most important components in offering a stellar guest experience. The daily interactions a guest has with your...

What is bleisure travel and why is it important in the hotel sector?

Industry trends

27 Oct 2021

Bleisure travel is the new hype in the travel industry, and there are many reasons why this type of travel is on the rise.

The power of the product trio: developing features that users love


26 Oct 2021

My journey into product and building a strong relationship between product, design and engineering What I’ve learnt from the power of close...

Six tips to consider when renovating your hotel

Industry trends

21 Oct 2021

Are you thinking about renovating a hotel? Renovations are a huge undertaking, and it’s important to consider the time of year when business is the...

What are the best hotel amenities to impress your guests?

Industry trends
Guest experience

20 Oct 2021

Competition has never been fiercer, which is why hotels must seek differentiation. Differentiation can be achieved in many ways, but one of the best...

The importance of cashflow management in hotels

Industry trends

19 Oct 2021

Cashflow isn’t one of those small things that you can put to the back of your mind. A strong, reliable cashflow is vital for your property’s...

How to reopen your hotel to recover profit post-Covid

Industry trends

13 Oct 2021

How to reopen a hotel after a global pandemic is the question many hoteliers are wondering. Since March 2020, the pandemic has brought uncertainty to...

How is artificial intelligence changing the hospitality industry?

Industry trends

12 Oct 2021

Artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry is changing the way hoteliers do business, giving more possibilities to creating a seamless hotel...

What are the best hotel sales strategies to increase revenue?

Industry trends

11 Oct 2021

There are many hotel sales strategies to increase revenue, and understanding the best strategies is without doubt one of the most important things...

What is a good profit margin when managing a hotel?

Industry trends

8 Oct 2021

Understanding what comprises a good hotel profit margin is key to running a successful business in the hospitality sector. The margin considered is...

What is cultural diversity and why is it important in the hospitality industry?

Industry trends

7 Oct 2021

Many people may wonder: how does diversity affect the hospitality industry? As traveling becomes easier and more accessible for everyone due to the...

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