The hidden rising costs of OTAs

Industry trends

29 Sep 2016

Hotels are paying the price for inadequate security, and largely further enriching the OTAs in the process. We would like to expose one of...

Defying the odds – the insanity of building your own PMS


29 Aug 2016

Richard and I met each other 6 years ago at a Czech Fashion Show, where they were presenting last season’s collection to a crowd of hipsters,...

​A Painless PMS Switch – Dream or Reality?


15 Aug 2016

Back when I was 25, I worked as the Front Office Manager at the Hilton Prague, a monster hotel of 800 bedrooms with a front office team of 65...

Overcoming the Challenges of Revenue Management in Hostels

Industry trends

22 Jul 2016

Hands up anyone, who knew what they wanted to do after leaving school? Like most people I didn’t really know what to study or which career...

We Upgraded our Booking Engine. You Won't Believe What Happened Next


12 Jul 2016

When I first started coming to hotel conferences, I was always taken aback by how many exhibiting companies promised to drive direct sales,...

How, Expedia and TripAdvisor are helping hotels drive more direct..

Industry trends

6 Jun 2016

Let’s be honest, if you’ve visited the Internet lately, it’s not hard to find AdWords ads from, Expedia or TripAdvisor. Big...

Drive More Conversions and Direct Bookings with Promotion Codes

Industry trends

13 May 2016

We’ve decided to highlight another of our favourite, but highly under-utilised features of Hotel Booking Engines: “Promotion Codes”. Creating...

Hotel Management from the Palm of your Hand

Industry trends

25 Sep 2014

Mews Systems unveils a unique mobile solution for hotels, apartments, B&Bs and hostels, presenting a radical rethink of the way these...

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