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Industry, Product  |  8 April 2021

How to create the best hotel booking confirmation email for guests

Sometimes it’s the little things that elevate a good guest experience to a great one. Emails are the perfect example. Every hotelier sends emails...

7 minute read

Industry, Product, Featured  |  30 March 2021

The Metrics that Matter | Download the free report

Every hotel generates a wealth of data. A veritable ocean of it, in fact. But how do you know what the most important, relevant metrics are for...

2 minute read

Industry, Product  |  29 March 2021

March’s new Mews integrations

A connected ecosystem is much stronger than one that stands on its own. That’s why Mews continues to seek out the best solutions in hospitality...

2 minute read

Industry, Product  |  16 March 2021

What went wrong at the Hotel California?

Hotel California is a great song. We all know it, we all love it. However, it doesn’t exactly paint the hotel industry in a good light. The poor...

4 minute read

Company, Product, Featured  |  26 February 2021

Our vision to reimagine the future of guest experiences

It’s our unshakable belief that there's always a better way. A better way for guests to book and interact with products and services. A better way...

7 minute read

Industry, Product  |  3 February 2021

Local SEO for hotels: how to optimize for Google’s hotel map in 2021

When a traveler is researching which hotel to stay at, one of their first ports of call is to Google: “hotel in [destination]”.

5 minute read

Company, Product  |  3 November 2020

What is Mews Analytics? The business intelligence for the modern hotelier

Data is the new gold. At least, that’s been the mantra of businesses around the world for the last few years. We actually think it’s true, but the...

5 minute read

Industry, Product  |  14 October 2020

Hotel chargebacks: how they work and how to dispute them

Chargebacks have long been a problem for hoteliers. They’re an obstacle when it comes to profitability and the process to dispute hotel chargebacks

5 minute read

Product  |  25 August 2020

The key to smooth onboarding with a new Property Management System

"Our greatest fears lie in anticipation." – Honoré de Balzac. 

7 minute read

Product  |  15 July 2020

How rooming lists make group bookings a piece of cake

It’s late morning. Your front desk has finished the morning rush of check-outs when the phone rings. Your reservations manager answers. ‘Hello?’...

1 minute read

Product  |  9 July 2020

Mews unites with OTA Insight to provide business intelligence to hoteliers

Revenue Insight tool is now available in the Mews Marketplace. 

2 minute read

Product  |  15 June 2020

Maximize revenue with RoomPriceGenie's automated dynamic pricing

  • 22% average revenue increase in case study
  • 90% of customers are on Auto-Pilot, showing full trust in the system

What problems do RoomPriceGenie...

1 minute read

Product  |  26 May 2020

Automated and smart parking solutions with Avutec Gatekeeper

  • Automatically open your parking facilities using license plate recognition
  • No need for multiple systems: just enter your guest’s license plate to...
1 minute read

Product  |  26 March 2020

Elevate your guest experience with Breezeway’s operations & services platform

Breezeway have spent the last few weeks creating a COVID-19 resource center that shares guidance and best practices on property care,...

1 minute read

Product  |  19 March 2020

Build a personal connection with guests before, during and after their stay..

Digital guest engagement and upselling tool for hotels

2 minute read

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