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Industry  |  22 March 2022

Unfold unpacked: realizing your property’s full potential

One of the biggest changes we’re seeing in hospitality is the willingness to think beyond the traditional heads in beds mindset. There’s a...

5 minute read

Product  |  18 March 2022

Continuous value delivery: putting the SVPG model into practice

The world of software creation has been talking about continuous delivery for quite a while. Most of you are probably familiar with the picture...

5 minute read

Industry, Product  |  7 December 2021

Rethinking spaces with Mews: parking

For a property to fully maximize its revenue, you need to utilize its space in the most efficient way. This sounds simple, but historically it hasn’t...

3 minute read

Industry  |  22 May 2021

How to respond to bad hotel reviews and what to do to avoid them

If you’ve ever gotten bad hotel reviews you know the hassle that goes into mitigating the rippling effects. Statistics show that travelers are 21%...

5 minute read

 |  19 January 2021

Hotel Reopening Diaries: EMA House

While COVID-19 put much of the world on hold, EMA House Hotel Suites and Serviced Apartments in Zurich saw it as an opportunity to move their...

4 minute read

 |  3 September 2020

Hotel Reopening Diaries: Rodamón Hostels

Although for many hoteliers around the world the slow recovery is already underway, there are many who still feel the struggle of a constantly...

5 minute read

 |  29 July 2020

Hotel Reopening Diaries: The Dylan Amsterdam

As hotels continue to open up around most of the world, we’re speaking to a variety of hoteliers to understand their decision-making process for...

6 minute read

 |  23 July 2020

Hotel Reopening Diaries: The Flushing Meadows

Hotel Reopening Diaries talks to properties around the world about how they’ve been coping with the fallout from COVID-19. Although occupancy rates...

3 minute read

 |  7 July 2020

Hotel Reopening Diaries: Superbude

When should hotels reopen their doors? What do hoteliers need to do differently to keep guests and staff safe, while trying to remain profitable?

3 minute read

 |  2 July 2020

Hotel Reopening Diaries: Postillion Hotels

One of the most dramatic outcomes of recent lockdowns and travel bans was the closure of so many hotels. For the first time in recent memory,...

4 minute read

 |  23 April 2020

The trick to cutting credit card fraud: combine process with people | Machefert..

The Machefert Group is one of the leading independent hotel groups in France. Paris is their hub, with 19 hotels, seven bars and five restaurants, as...

2 minute read

 |  14 April 2020

The power of connected hotel tech

Meet Jelle Landman, hotelier of the future. He looks like a pretty normal guy – apart from the fact that he’s always exceptionally dressed – but he’s...

2 minute read

 |  6 April 2020

“I tell my hotelier colleagues that Mews has changed everything for us”

The de Smet family weren’t experienced hoteliers when they opened the doors of Hotel Harmony, one of Belgium’s top three hotels, in 2005.

3 minute read

 |  27 March 2020

“Our checkout time has gone from 5 minutes to 2 minutes, easily” | The Opera..

Michael Böhler is the General Manager of The Opera Hotel, a four star, 58 room property in Zurich, Switzerland. Moving to Mews not only gave them...

3 minute read

 |  23 March 2020

“Our entire operation has become more efficient” | Wayfarer Hotel Kyoto Shijo..

The Wayfarer Hotel Kyoto Shijo is the first hotel of the Wayfare Group, which has big plans afoot to expand its Japanese presence in 2020. They were...

3 minute read

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