LEVIY's hotel housekeeping solution is your central app to manage and digitize all daily operations. With the use of a mobile app, all of your departments can effortlessly collaborate on planning, housekeeping, maintenance, safety, auditing and much more. All departments and teams have real-time insight in progress, points of attention, planning and requests. No more waiting, no more paper, no more running around and no more disruptive phone calls all the time: just one synergized daily operation.

Coming from a long history of digitizing facility mangement and cleaning operations LEVIY's solution facilitates synergy throughout your entire operation, not just one or two departments. LEVIY believe in a world where your daily operation runs like clockwork with the sole purpose of optimal guest experience. Using LEVIY's solution, rooms can be checked in earlier, guest will be in your hotel longer, quality and safety go up and collaboration between your teams will thrive. LEVIY will even make your teams interact with newest technology such as IOT, and smart washrooms.


  • A full two-way integration
  • View room status updates made in Leviy and in Mews in real time
  • Comprehensive overview and management of hotel operations


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