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Use the hidden potential of your data to increase revenue, save time and relieve your staff.


ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION is an automated marketing platform for hotels.

The integrated ADDITIVE+ CRM collects data from different sources such as PMS, websites, newsletters, ad platforms or social media channels and calculates detailed business and marketing metrics as well as centralized and consolidated guest profiles.

Integration with MEWS allows direct access to your guest and reservation data, resulting in the following key benefits:

1) Your guest and contact data is automatically analyzed and segmented. These segments are used for automatic 1-to-1 communication with your guests. Furthermore, all your guest data is also available for sending newsletters with ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER.

The automated emails generate revenue and decrease workload for backoffice, sales and reception teams. Segmented newsletters result in more interactions and better conversion rates.

2) The marketing teams, be it your in-house or your marketing agency, need to know which marketing campaigns lead to online conversions and, moreover, which online conversions lead to bookings and sales.

ADDITIVE+ MARKETING INSIGHTS is able to attribute the final reservations/stays to the initial marketing campaigns. This enables hotels and their marketing teams to take better marketing decisions and to control campaign spendings.

ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION offers the following main features:

  • Hotel business metrics monitoring- Detailed marketing insights and metrics
  • 360° view of your guests- Automated guest segmentation
  • One-to-one e-mail communication with your guests and leads
  • Lead generation on your website- Lead generation in social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok
  • Highly targeted ads automation
  • Automated social media communication
  • Guest pre- and post-stay messaging
  • Personalized gift cards
  • Transparent revenue attribution model

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