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Powerful Self-Check-in solution with card dispenser.


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The Self-Check-in solutions can be connected to any Mews operated hotel to welcome guests around 24h.

It comes with many payment service integrations and supports the mews payment terminals as well.

The guest registration form can be used to update guest information in the Mews PMS.

With the many keycard locking system integrations it can encode the keycard for your guests for the assigned room and the reservations duration.

As a result of using the Self-Check-in solution of Key & Card, you can let all your guest check-in by them self or use it for off-peak hours or for late arrivals. This results in highest flexibility when scheduling shifts for your receptionsts.

Apart from supporting the the self-check-in, guests can use it to create new reservations (walk-in) or replace and extend their keycards.

Your guests will be greeted in many languages and it is easy to add more.

The system fully supports self-check-in regardless of where or on what channel your guests made their booking and does not require any pre-knowledge of the guest such as downloading a mobile app.

The terminal can be used in the hotel lobby or outdoors.

The information such as payment transactions will be fed back to MEWS so all information are available to you in the normal way.

With the small foot print and high availability we bring more flexibility for you and added value for your customers.

Supported Features:

  • Create a new reservation or provide your existing reservation number or search by identity card.Pay the due amount of your stay.
  • Complement the registration form and add follow travelers if required.
  • Encode the keycard and set the stay as checked-in.