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The Mews Formitable integration, is a free application for establishments operating an in house or partnering restaurant who use the Formitable reservation system.


The Formitable integration will allow property operators to have the restaurant reservations required for package deals or one off products (e.g. 2 night stay, 1 Michelin star dinner) automatically created/updated/deleted into their Formitable application upon the creation/update or deletion of the reservation within MEWs. This requires some simple configuration within the Formitable system, defining the mappings between the MEW's products and the equivalent Formitable product, in the form : . Many high end Hotels are looking for a way to effectively streamline administrative tasks involved with managing reservations (containing both a stay and culinary aspects) that need to be reflected and updated within two separate systems. This integration will allow customers to book stays containing a culinary experience through MEW's and automatically be booked into the participating restaurant without the need of the operator. Furthermore, upon the update or change of a booking, such as a change of date, addition of an extra experience or night, these changes will be reflected within the restaurants Formitable application, along with customer changes and reservation notes. Supported features: - Reflect culinary stay products within MEWs as bookings within Formitable. - Add all new customers in Formitable as customers to MEWs for future reference. - Sync comments of reservations with linked bookings in Formitable.