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Hotellistat AI Revenue Management


Hotellistat's integration with Mews empowers users to maximize revenue with a strategic edge, outperforming competitors effortlessly.


Hotellistat offers a comprehensive revenue management solution, integrating seamlessly with Mews to gather data from various internal data streams like pick-up, and segments, as well as external data streams like market trends, competitor rates, and even weather forecasts. This enables real-time optimization through the ARIS pricing engine.

Our Modules:

  1. Dashboard: Tailored dashboards allow users to track key performance indicators effortlessly, with customizable widgets and real-time insights. The InsightFeed offers instant access to system events and notifications.
  2. Pricing: The rate shopper allows the client to gain a full market overview of their competition. The visual pricing editor facilitates manual adjustments, maximizing revenue potential.
  3. Intelligence: This module offers data-driven reports for performance optimization. Sophisticated analytics provide insights into market trends and guest behaviour, facilitating informed decision-making.
  4. Revenue Management - ARIS: the AI-driven dynamic pricing engine, recommends optimal pricing in real time based on market behaviour and hundreds of data streams, enhancing revenue potential. Set up revenue strategies to follow revenue goals based on rules.
  5. Commerce: This module analyzes website performance to optimize conversion rates, enhancing online revenue streams and marketing efforts.
  6. Reputation: Manage online reputation with this module. Monitor, respond to, and leverage guest feedback to enhance brand image, boost rankings, and maximize revenue.
  7. Social Media: Aggregate social statistics, and track competitors' performance to refine social media strategies effectively. Identify top-performing posts and gain inspiration for content creation.

Hotellistat's modular approach to revenue management offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of hoteliers, empowering the client to thrive in a competitive market landscape.